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Suggestions please


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Hello again,

I currently have a website, I just launched it with just the idea of a mall. Is there a way I could use this to profit from affiliate programs. If this is possible could someone give me a quick to do list, and how I should go about it. I'm sure this is really simple but I figured I'd ask the pro's.



Linda Buquet

Ok - couple things... Sorry if I burst your bubble.

1st it looks like you bought a turn-key store.

If so then...

1) The company you bought it from is probably making affiliate income from all the sales and just giving you a portion of the $$.

2) Most turn key stores are not that easy to edit and some you can't at all.
PLUS they are cookie cutter so there may be many others that are the same and search engines don't like that.

3) That store looks to me to be designed to sell stores to other newbies as opposed to a store optimized to sell products.

4) Starting off with a mall is one of the biggest mistakes affiliates make
- for many reasons.

A) There are a million malls out there. How are you going to get traffic and why would someone come to yours over all the others.

B) Much harder to get traffic and optimize for search engines (thats IF you can do anything to optimize it - you may not be able to). Right now it's now set up right for search engines at all.

C) Theming - If you have tons of different types of products its much harder - sort of like a scatter gun approach.

Best way to start is with a specific niche. Then the whole site is about blue widgets, you can learn about and write good copy about blue widgets and it's easier to get good search engine rankings and let people find you who are LOOKING FOR blue widgets to buy - instead of a site that has everything under the sun and caters to no one.


New Member
Thank you for you honesty I really appreciate it. The site was actually custome designed for me and I can edit all portions of it. I guess I did make the mistake of going the mall route. My goal is to make money and so I'm willing to accept what you said and try and make some changes.

I'm going to do as much reading as I can on your forum to try and learn the ends and outs. are there any suggested threads that I should look at?

Right now it's now set up right for search engines at all.
Is there somewhere that I can read to learn how to optimize it?



Linda Buquet

Most of the stickies here in the newbie forum are about finding niches and getting started.

You still could use the existing site if you can modify it. So you can find one topic to start with. Then later add one or 2 more topics (to start off with) that are related and do a different category for each topic so each section is themed with the related keywords.

Lets just say you start with back pain relief. Then several pages about different types of back pain, scolisosis, slipped disks whatever. The 1st thing you need to do for SEO is to have the page title include the main keywords that page is about.

Right now notice that if you go to different pages like The title in your browser window still says ZeeTown mall. "ZeeTown mall" is the 1st and most important thing the search engines see and does not felect the content of each different page. It should say electronics and laptops or whatever that page is about. (It's called the Title meta tag and it should be at the top of the page when you are in HTML mode.)

Example: Click here:
The page is about the IPC and Free Affiliate Datafeeds.
View source code in your browser and you'll see at the top of the page.
<title>IPC Free Affiliate Datafeeds</title>
The page is also names IPC-datafeeds.
Click any other page of my site and the TITLE in the browser window
chages to reflect what the page is about.

Here's a video in detail about title tags.


Hi du_new_kid,
-learn how to build web site even you have how build four you, it's important to understand how to make some change, it take 3 hours or more but can help you to do some change or to build your web site, it is the easy thing,
- add your signature to every forum, write some articles and submit them to article sdirectories,