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Success is ALL in Your Head - MUST-HAVE Affiliate Qualities

Linda Buquet

Nope this post isn't going to teach you to build mini niche sites or tell you that content is king. <strong>Success is all in your head!</strong> All the nuts and bolts training and all the best tools won't help you if you dont have the right mindset. In this installation of A.I.M. (<a target="_new" href="">Affiliate Inspiration and Motivation</a>) you'll hear from 4 affiliates who will share some of the key attitudes necessary to make it in the competitive world of affiliate marketing. Do you have what it takes to be a winner? Read what they all have to say and find out.
<blockquote><strong><a target="_new" href="">
Affiliate Summit West - The One Secret To Your Online Success</a></strong> "here?s the most important lesson I picked up from the affiliate managers and super affiliates I?ve been talking to....You don?t already need more content than what you?ve already seen on their blogs and forums, but here?s the difference that makes a difference...."

<strong>The major obstacle and stumbling block for 99% of online marketers is your mindset. It?s not something you can rationalize, but rather an emotional response.

Sure, all of us can think we theoretically earn a million dollars a month, but the question is whether you feel you have the ability and are motivated to achieve it.</strong>" Go read the rest of this motivating blog Andrew Wee wrote at the end of Affiliate Summit West. He has some tips and make some great points.</blockquote>
Jasmine at Evolutionary IMarketing Success writes: <strong><a href="">Evolutionary Do You Have These 5 Characteristics to Make BIG in Affiliate Marketing?</a></strong> "More people are jumping into this business and trying to get a piece of this pie. But are you the type of person who can snatch a piece of the pie? To find out, <a target="_new" href="">ask yourself if you have the following 5 qualities</a> or not. This is REALLY important, because without these, you can hardly survive..."

Then hop over to Superaff and read <strong><a target="_new" href="">The Magic of Creativity</a></strong> "Perseverance and determination are two key attributes to have when you plan on building yourself a place online. Faith comes in handy too . But I also think it?s important to sit quietly and listen to your gut and pay attention to what it?s saying. If you?re sluggish and uninspired, there?s a reason..."

Lynn over at The ClickNewz! Internet Marketing Blog says: <strong><a target="_new" href="">Working From Home Requires Self-Discipline, Self-Motivation</a></strong> "I wouldn?t label this recent bout as ?burn-out?. More like plain old distraction. Regardless, the solution is the same and I knew what I needed to do to get back on track. In almost 10 years of being self-employed and working from home, this certainly isnt the first time that I have found myself ?off track?. The key is in knowing what it takes (for you, personally) to get back on track..."

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