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Starting an internal affiliate network


Hello everyone,

I have enough experience in using several popular affiliate networks:
PaidOnResults,Commission Junction,Trade Doubler,Affiliate Future.

All of them have great advantages - wide data of merchants & affiliates,
long history & good working teams.

But,frankly speaking,I'm not really satisfied with their services as a merchant for the last time.
My company is running several dating sites - & there is a stable decrease of their performance via third part affiliate networks.The main factors of such a decrease are: inflow of affiliates with low traffic ability;
low level of feedback from affiliates;
Even "Featured Merchant" advertising didn't change the situation.
The promotion of our sites via our own PPC brings us more than 60% of traffic.

So we decided to start our own internal affiliate network to perform all our dating sites - so we would pay our outstanding affiliates their commission + that ones,which should go to the third part affiliate network.

I'll be thankful for your comments & advices.


Hey Dar'ya

You want to get traffic from as many sources as possible. Run your own inhouse affiliate program, but maintain the PPC and affiliate network campaigns as well. (so long as they continue to be profitable for you)

If you are running your own inhouse program at the same time as the network campaigns, you should not pay your inhouse affiliates more than affiliates are being paid in the network. This is bad form as it potentially makes the networks you are working with look bad. Most likely you will end up losing that account and the ability to work with them in the future.

Instead use the extra money you are saving for regular monthly bonuses and contests just for your inhouse program. Also, at times you will be approached by super affiliates looking for something more than you are offering the general public and super managers with teams of affiliates under them who want an over ride on the traffic their affiliates send to you. By leaving some money on the table you have something to offer them.

Just my "Dos Colones"

Best of luck to you.


My next step


Thank you Steve for your rational advice.

I respect & value our relations with other networks - so the current commission for all our affiliates is equal.

Frankly speaking I'm new to affiliate marketing so I gain to avoid strategic mistakes.

I'm planing a widespread promotion campaign for our internal affiliate program PPC via google
Advertising on affiliate forums

I'll appreciate you comments & advices.

May be there are additional methods of promotion?