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Started with Average Joe Income Package...


... because it seemed to get such good reviews on the forums. That's a refund if ever I've seen one. I should have thought to join forums on AM before buying an info package. The entire Average Joe Income Package is about selling Clickbank products... and the first thing I see when I come here? "Clickbank - Not a Good Place for Newbies to Start." Oy.

Well, like Average Joe advised me to, I kind of already made a blogger site to sell CB products. Should I trash it or can I use it for other things? I don't really know what to do now because all I know about affiliate marketing is what I got from that package... and now I'm reluctant to look for more information because I don't know if it will be useful.

Somebody care to point me in the right direction?

Linda Buquet

Hi lotusindigo,

Welcome to 5 Star. It's not that CB is bad it's just very competitive and a tough place to start. If your blog and niche are about Internet marketing and make money online, you're in a very crowded space.

Maybe don't dump what you have going but also start researching the ideal niche and start a 2nd site/blog focused on that. Read all the newbie stickies and then the niche marketing stickies and you will get some great ideas on other ways to get started that may be easier to find some early success with.