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Squeeze Page - Internet Marketer's best friend?


I recently attended a webinar by a very successful affiliate marketer who of course generates 6 figure income like most other gurus.

He emphasized on the power of squeeze pages, and told some interesting affiliate facts like " A customer needs to look at a product 7 times before making the purchase".

Well, if that's the case then I'd agree that having their e-mail addresses is the best idea.

Personally, I used to think very low of squeeze pages. I never really liked them. My question is that do we really need them? I know the usual response would be "it depends". But, I am looking for something more here.

For example, please share your Squeeze Page success story if you have benefited from them in any way. Also, do you know of any places to get a squeeze page for free? Of course, you can design your own. After all its just a page with a very basic form. But just asking.

I can't believe that people are actually trying to sell squeeze pages. Its garbage I personally think as web masters should know how to create "squeeze pages".

Linda Buquet

"A customer needs to look at a product 7 times before making the purchase"

That's an old adage that goes way back to the world of direct marketing
pre-Internet even. It takes 7 impressions, letters, ads, product exposures, whatever.

SO given that yes getting prospect's email addresses and doing follow up makes sense.

The whole idea of squeeze pages, how they look and what they stand for
leaves a bad taste in my mouth too though. It's part of the whole crappy ebook, huru guru, one page hypey sales letter type of selling that I hate.

If you want to collect email addresses for follow up, then I would look at how some of the big successful ecommerce retailers do it. They sure don't say:

Wait, before you buy that new computer - stop, give me your email so you can get my super duper free report. Then once they get your email they don't spam you to death like the IMers do.

Well I guess if you are selling hypey ebook stuff squeeze pages may work because thats what people are used to. But if you are selling "real" products don't go that route. Follow what successful etailers do.


I cannot agree with you more. Squeeze pages are like alternative of pop ups. Ebook should be the thing that Squeeze page should be used for. If someone has a real good eBook, then Squeeze page might work for him.

I somehow just don't like them. I'd try them, sure if I have a eBook to sell. But, not for retail products. You know that webinar was organized by a very well established firm, and in the end that "Guru" wanted to sell his services to the people who attended that session. I didn't like that at all, and just thought I'd ask someone's opinion about Squeeze pages.

According to him, Squeeze pages are like your road to success. Without them, you are losing a lot. Can't believe how much crap exists out there.


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I have always relied on targeted traffic and the right keywords and the conversion rates have always been better than what is stated as average.

Here is an example of my targeting . I would find 50 phrases to target that is lower competetion like "sony p32 digital camera web store" There are only about 30 searches a day for that phrase but the conversion rate for the above phrase will be much higher than "sony digital camera" because it tells me that they might be looking for information. This means they are in the first 1 to 5 views of the product.

The one i would target is someone who has already done their research, knows what they want, and are looking for a store to BUY from! this keyword phrase "sony p32 digital camera web store" gives me this information and i would bet if your price is in the range you will convert in excess of 10%.

It has never failed me as of yet!