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SpyOver - service for monitoring and analytics of native ads

Discussion in 'Business Centre' started by SpyOver, Oct 2, 2017.

  1. SpyOver

    SpyOver Service Manager Service Manager affiliate


    SpyOver (SpyOver is a tool for monitoring native advertising.) - service for monitoring and analytics of native ads from more than 70 countries of the world.

    Take an opportunity to monitor the creatives and landings of competitors, analyze the sources of traffic etc. Using these data, you will build a successful arbitrage strategy and increase the profit.

    You can choose TRIAL!
    What you can do with SpyOver:

    • Analysis ads of more than 70 countries of the world on all popular devices

    • More 1 800 000 ads and 24/7 new ads show

    • Coverage of 10 traffic sources:
    - Taboola

    - Outbrain

    - Adnow

    - MGid

    - Revcontent

    - Content.Ad

    - EngageYa

    - AdBlade

    - Chameleon
    - MediaVenus

    • Use search by a keyword to find creatives for your topic

    • View ads with filter by:
    - 10 traffic sources

    - 70+ countries

    - language of ads

    - 6 top devices,

    - 5 basic browsers,

    - more than 70 affiliate nets,

    - 8 tracking tool

    - by date and duration of impressions

    • Comprehensive and maximally detailed statistics for all ads

    • Download landing pages in one click

    Catch hot trends ----> discover new products for promotion and create profitable campaigns.

    Learn the secrets of your competitors' strategies and stay one step ahead.

    Save time and make money.

    Interested? What are you waiting for?

    join us now SpyOver is a tool for monitoring native advertising.

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    If you have some question - feel free to contact
    Skype: SpyOver_support
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  2. terraleads
  3. SpyOver

    SpyOver Service Manager Service Manager affiliate


    SpyOver interface parsing

    After successful registration we get into the service with full access to the functional


    Here we have a lot of options and various filters to find the needed ads.


    Choose the most new or long-lasting advertising, which received the most amount of traffic.


    Or see the actual teasers of past periods.


    Want to find an converting landing? Just select the desired filter in this menu. Get a quick search by countries and by networks!


    You can also choose the language or devices you want to run impressions on.


    And of course, additional filters for browsers, affiliates and trackers.


    At your fingertips, there is an excellent feature for translating ads into English and showing only new ads.


    And the choice of the number of days the ad is displayed.


    Next, choose the display of ads that have one or more selected options and exclude the rest - this is the filter "Exact search".


    Also there is an exact search for the phrase. To use it, you need to wrap the keywords in double quotes.


    Further important feature is a mass download of selected ads and ads on the page.


    When you click on the footer of an ad, you will see detailed information about the period for which the ad has been rotating, on which networks, on which devices and in which countries.


    After we have searched for the ads we need, we can go over to the analysis of all the statistics provided.


    The first thing we see in the detailed information on the teaser is the ability to download the whole creative or just a picture, the ability to download pads and landings. Also available for analysis is a block with redirects - it is here that we can "snatch" the work link.

    Next, you can check how effective it is.

    The first graph gives information on the activity of the teaser hits by the clock. And also by select days and by days of the week.


    In this screenshot we also have two very interesting reports. Both give information about the playgrounds on which the teaser is spinning. Only on the left they are ordered by days of life, and on the right - by the number of views. For the last month on the displayed sites “activistpost.com” this announcement has been running for 12 days .


    Next, we see a graph of the devices used.


    And a new feature is the site link table on which the ad rotates with its identifier in the network, that is, it's the widget ID. Use the widget ID in order to improve your advertising campaign. At the moment the function is available for 5 networks - Mgid, Revcontent, Taboola, Content.Ad and AdNow.


    The penultimate report shows the data on the networks, namely in what networks the advertisement was found, on the left by the days of the show on the network, and on the right by the number of views.

    And the last report shows the views of this creative by geo. This chart shows TOP 5 countries, for which there was the highest number of impressions for this ad.


    SpyOver is an excellent solution for finding work bindings, analyzing competitors and optimizing your advertising campaigns.

    For those who want to test this platform and check whether it is worth buying monthly access, there is an excellent counter in the form of a three-day trial for only 1 bucks.

    If interested, waiting for you on the service! Be a step ahead of your competitors! All good luck in the job and the profits! Do it now! Click here Signup

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  4. SpyOver

    SpyOver Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    Happy Halloween!

    Halloween action from SpyOver! Get a promotional code Spy_Halloween with a 33% discount from October 30 to November 1!
    • Cool exclusives from more than 70 countries;
    • Coverage of 9 traffic sources;
    • Filtering by country, ad language, top devices, over 70 affiliate networks, by date and duration of impressions;
    • Sort ads by popularity, by time of life and by novelty;
    • Download ads and lending in one click.

    See the trend of shows, analyzing the top ads, sites and networks.

    Only $99 per month + 3 days of free access !
    Interested? What are you waiting for? SpyOver is a tool for monitoring native advertising. Catch your best opportunities with SpyOver!

    Do not put off till tomorrow what you can buy at a special price today.

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  5. Nekalog

    Nekalog Affiliate affiliate

    I work with spyover everything is fine, a lot of announcements, the price is not expensive for access, a large number of countries
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  6. SpyOver

    SpyOver Service Manager Service Manager affiliate


    Black Friday! Get 33% discount from SpyOver now.

    Black Friday toooday. Are you ready? We have a special offer - a promotional code BlackFriday with a 33% discount on access to the native ad monitoring and analytics service - SpyOver.com.

    • Native ads from 70+ countries of the world;

    • Coverage of 10 traffic sources;

    • 1 800 000 ads with daily replenishment;

    • 70+ affiliate nets;

    • Search by keywords, redirects, publisher, landing page, outgoing;

    • Detailed statistics for each ads in the form of diagrams and graphs, and the connection of the site with the network Widget ID in the form of a table;

    • Download ads and landing in one click.

    Track current trends in advertising, look at successful campaigns, see what offer and where it turns. Find the hottest teaser ads and determine the best winning combination!

    Just a few clicks and you get the best ads and profit campaign!

    Catch the promo code


    and get $ 99 for a month of service access. The promo code is valid from November 24th to November 27th

    Do it now! Click here SpyOver is a tool for monitoring native advertising. and conquer new creatives!
  7. Anna2017

    Anna2017 Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    Great Spy service! :p:)
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  8. Note23

    Note23 Affiliate affiliate

    How can I pay for your service?
  9. SpyOver

    SpyOver Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    Hey, there! You must choose the tariff plan you are interested in - and then the payment method. It can be - Webmoney, PayPal or MasterCard

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