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Selling Spanish Translation/Proofreading Service. Affordable, fast and A+ Quality. 470 million market!

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell or Trade' started by ershaka, Nov 24, 2014.

  1. ershaka

    ershaka Affiliate affiliate

    Hola compañeros de AffiliateFix!

    Do you know that Spanish is officially spoken in more than 20 countries? But that doesn't mean you need to stick to those countries. There are nearly 40 million native speakers just in the USA.

    Global figures show today that there are more than 470 million native spanish speakers. 40 million more than english speakers.

    The world fact-book from the C.I.A. already showed in 2009 that Spanish was already the second language behind mandarin.

    (Mandarin Chinese 12.44%, Spanish 4.85%, English 4.83%, Arabic 3.25%, Hindi 2.68%, Bengali 2.66%, Portuguese 2.62%, Russian 2.12%, Japanese 1.8%, Standard German 1.33%, Javanese 1.25% (2009 est.))


    This is why if you are not already doing it you should immediately scale your campaigns to spanish speaking GEOs.

    Do you know also how many Spanish ads I've seen with huge typos that just tells my subconscious not to click on it because it's seems a scam or just smells amateur? Zillions. I feel sorry for all those Affiliate Marketeers wasting money on their bids when they will just not get the click because of this.

    Amateur only outperforms professional in the adult niche ;) And that goes for the images...not the text.

    I offer my services as a consultant translator for your ad copy(banners, landers, etc) and anything you may need.

    What's the difference between me and other services?

    First of all, I'm a native spanish speaker fluent in english. Say bye bye to miscommunication and wasting time playing the ping-pong game.

    But what really sets me aside from the competition is that I can specialise my work for the IM niche through consultancy.

    What the heck does that mean?

    Besides the translation you will receive my consultancy service. This means that I will not only translate your copy but suggest best approaches and language angles.
    You cannot "speak/sell" to a 20 year old guy as you would speak/sell to my father. It just doesn't work in spanish speaking countries.

    Prices start at 0.05€/0.06$ per word with a minimum of 5€/6$ per project. So if your project has less than 100 words consider the rest as the consultancy fee that you will get for free for +100 words projects.

    If interested just PM me and we will take it from there. You will not regret it as this could be the beginning of a successful partnership.

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