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Some Important Tips For Your Web Site

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimisation' started by nurit, Nov 16, 2009.

  1. nurit

    nurit Affiliate affiliate

    10 Tips to Keep Members Glued to Your Site - The more times your customers visit your site, the more time they will have invested in your relationship and the more they will come to trust and rely on you. By building up their loyalty in this way, there is more chance that they will buy from you, follow your advice and buy your affiliate products, or click on ads that you recommend.

    Put simply, a sticky site equals customer loyalty. Customer loyalty equals revenue.

    1. Content - We can’t stress the importance of content enough. Keep the content up to date, and ‘time sensitive’. Remove out of date content so that it doesn’t affect the credibility of your site.

    2. Give your site a personality - There is a huge amount of information on the internet, and you can be sure your members could find what you are providing elsewhere. What your members are really paying for is the way you present that information.

    3. Remain focused on your niche - Don’t forget that your members joined your site because they had an interest in your niche. While it is fine to include content on a slightly different subject if you are sure it will be relevant and interesting. Never lose sight of your original subject. Wander too far off the subject and your may find your customers wandering off your member list.

    4. Make information easy to find - Ensure the content on your membership site is organized in such a way that your members will find what they want easily. If your members view your site as a valuable information resource rather than just another website, they will want to us it again and again.

    5. Provide what your customers want - Encourage your customers to ask for an article or information on a certain subject if they can’t find it. Writing an article specifically for one customer may seem like a lot of work, but if you think long term, that customer may then stay with you for the lifetime of your membership site.

    6. Keep in touch with your members - Contacting your members via e-mail is essential to keep them engaged with your site. Send your members updates, informative newsletters, and reminders, and ask them for their feedback.

    7. Ask them to take part in surveys - Ask your members to complete a survey about your membership site and then make sure you act on their feedback and let them know you have done so. Send out a special edition of your newsletter showing some of the results of your survey and detailing how you have responded and any changes you have made. Feeling that they have had a hand in shaping your site will really make your members feel engaged in your online community.

    8. Allow customization of your homepage - Having some functions that your members personalize on your site will really make them feel involved. Even a simple message at the top of the home page saying ‘Welcome back [member name]’ will have a huge impact on making your members feel valued.

    9. Build a sense of community - Being part of an online community is one of the main reasons your members will renew their membership. Here are a few additional tips on creating that sense of community.

    10. Promote an active forum - This provides a place for your members to get to know each other and begin to care about each other. Stopping their membership once they have become involved in your forum would be like losing a whole group of friends. Provide a function that allows your members to send private messages between each other. If you run competitions, or encourage your members to submit content, make sure you acknowledge the winners or contributors. Nothing makes a member feel a part of your site like seeing their name in the latest newsletter.
  2. newbidder
  3. ContentSpooling

    ContentSpooling Affiliate affiliate

    I agree that content is really important for every site. It's the food for every site and food for every search engine crawler.
  4. andrewhayn1

    andrewhayn1 Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks For your useful tips. Your suggestions regarding On-Page are good. Hopefully useful. Thank you.
  5. airforce1

    airforce1 Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks for your sharing and I do think a successful website must firstly be a user friendly site then SEO friendly. I you could make both of these, you should be successful. :)

    All the best,
  6. franky123

    franky123 Affiliate affiliate

    Really very useful information you offered via post. It is very useful especially for who is new in SEO. Thanks for your post. :clap:
  7. shannonbburns

    shannonbburns Affiliate affiliate


    Good sharing with us its useful to self learner newbie...
  8. JavaScriptBank

    JavaScriptBank Affiliate affiliate

    great list of tips, thank
  9. luckygal

    luckygal Affiliate affiliate

    You have listed great tips . I always give more care to my website. In my opinion the fifth point is more important. We must provide what your customers want. Encourage your customers to ask for an article or information on a certain subject if they can’t find it.
  10. jessicalevis

    jessicalevis Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks dude, worth reading.
  11. Jack Wevers

    Jack Wevers Affiliate affiliate

    I think you are right and is content very important. I sometime forget about it and I will notice it immediately. Very good information, thanks!
  12. preatorian

    preatorian Affiliate affiliate

    thanks for sharing this to us. some newbie's like me need this information.
  13. Jack Webhosting

    Jack Webhosting Affiliate affiliate

    Hey. It really helps, Thanks for sharing such a valuable information...
  14. nancy1

    nancy1 Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks for usefull information.
  15. pow-wow

    pow-wow Affiliate affiliate

    Make your website useful for your visitors provide them with the great information they need. Great post!
  16. SeoAvatar

    SeoAvatar Affiliate affiliate

    Nice sharing. Thanks Dude

    In my view, content is King but website promotion is also considered the Queen :dancing:

    How will my site benefit from SEO? Think about it this way. I will have to put some work in to get ranked in the top 10 for this phrase. It might take a year. Once I am there, however, I am going to get free traffic to my site. More importantly, I am going to get people looking for my service and ready to buy.

    Now think long term. Once I have my rankings, I can maintain them with a nominal amount of effort. This means I will effectively receive free traffic and potential clients each and every day, 365 days a year, every year. That is how a site benefits in the long-term from SEO.

    SEO is a bit of a demanding game. It can take some time for rankings to be obtained. Frankly, it can really try a person's patience. Once they are obtained, however, the reward is tremendous.
  17. Alfredwinston

    Alfredwinston Affiliate affiliate

    Great information you have shared here... These points are valid... The optimization tips here will help a lot in promotion of website.

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