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Site under attack by blackhatters, new blog




Before I ask my question I will give a tip for new people in case they read this.
If you have a site and want to put AuctionAds on it, I would hold off. It is a great looking product, but if you don't have a visitor every 10 minutes it will not serve the ad you request in their software system, and it will drive you nuts trying to find out why. Additionally, other forums are filled with posts about how their tracking software is not working and people are not getting paid for referrals. And the referral money could be a decent amount for people just starting out.

Ok, now on to my question(if anyone stuck around to read this,haha). I am getting webmasters or some blackhatters leaving comments on my posts and they do stuff like hat+baseball+ yankee , which I delete when I see, because I don't know what it is , but it appears they are somehow trying to use my content to rank themselves high for keywords,somehow. But........ the comments I approved from them simple had baseball merchandise online in the name area or the title of their comment , and I have since deleted this , but it appears that now my site(based on my awstats) is showing up when people search for baseball merchandise online, and it is not at all related to this. Did they put in a virus or plant something in my site somehow? Any response would be much appreciated. Thanks

Linda Buquet

"Did they put in a virus or plant something in my site somehow?"

No it sounds like you didn't delete the comments fast enough and the search engines spidered and ranked. The good news is you know the spiders are chomping up your content. :)


Hmmmm... Thanks for the info, but how

did they get the comment to rank(I guess you would say for my keywords). The stat areas that are Search Keyphrases (Top 10)
Full list and Search Keywords (Top 25)
Full list in my Awstats are filled with the words they typed in their comments. The top ones are just words from their comments . How did they do this with one comment I approved?

"The good news is you know the spiders are chomping up your content", yeah I wish the visitors would chomp up my affiliate links;) , but they seem not to want to. For my efforts, which were all free methods, I have 900 impressions and 24 clicks on my ads with just over 100 uniques. My affiliate link clicks just stopped , but my impressions kept rising. I wonder if my links work correctly , because it is pretty targeted traffic. The numbers are silly low, butttttttttt. ........ the site is 1month old, and this is my first try at the affiliate game.