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Site Advisor red flags


Hi All

I recently stored Site Advisor on my computer again. I have noticed an increase in the number of affiliate's sites being tagged with more red flags since I last used the product. The software is red flagging sites because a site has links to other red flags sites and some of the red flag reason are weak.

As an affiliate are you worried that you could lose potential customers due to Site Advisor's guilty by association reasoning?

Linda Buquet

Good point and interesting topic Jamie.

I would assume it depends on your niche, as far as how many consumers even have or know about
Site Advisor. If you have techy consumers maybe, but I assume average Joe/Jane surfer doesn't use it.
Maybe I'm wrong.

Any stats Site Advisor users???


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I use SiteAdvisor and have for a good while. But I'm sure the typical person doesn't. However things such as this are going to be more common and some might need to be taken a little more seriously. But it looks as if they may be dealing with more serious reasons for declaring something not safe than SiteAdvisor does.

SiteAdvisor does give a person a chance to see why it is yellow or red instead of green and I take that into consideration. I would think that most SiteAdvisor users would do that.

But the near future is going to possibly be more like what is covered in this thread. It might be a little behind schedule, but it should happen within the next few months. Take a look and see how browsers will start handling certain sites http://affiliate-marketing-forums.5...x-plans-warn-users-about-dangerous-sites.html


Thanks for finding the blog Linda, it was an interesting read.

You are right Larwee that they do allow user to view their reasoning but after a while the average user would stop viewing the reasoning for the red flag and most likely leave.

Linda I was trying to find out the amount of users that use McAfee but could not find any results.