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SHOUTCAST HOSTING CONTROL PANEL $14.99 /month! The Long Awaited Software Has Arrived!

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell or Trade' started by SCPanel, Sep 22, 2005.

  1. SCPanel

    SCPanel Guest

    The long awaited Shoutcast Hosting automation software has now become publicly available to the entire web hosting industry. SCPanel was designed to allow web hosting providers, the ability to provide Shoutcast streaming services, for audio and video, streaming or on-demand. SCPanel can be easily integrated with cPanel and other popular web hosting control panels such as Plesk, Ensim, DirectAdmin and others with skeleton directory features.

    SCPanel has the features that todays start-up and established webhosts are looking for. Using proprietary integration features into the popular Shoutcast server management software, your Shoutcast Control Panel will provide you with automated account creation, bandwidth limitation, bitrate specification and much more. SCPanel is the turnkey solution to Shoutcast hosting that web hosts have been seeking for years.

    SCPanel provides webhosts with an affordable, automated Shoutcast management system for $14.99 a month.

    SCPanel Software Features

    Admin Features


    -Automatic Account Creation (control panel with skeleton directory function required WHM, Plesk, Ensim, DirectAdmin)
    -Shoutcast Server Installation via Web Browser (just visit domain after new account creation)
    -Complete configuration for IP, Port, max slots, and up to 35 settings (all options of the Shoutcast binary)


    -Maximum Traffic Allowed
    (can be set to unmetered, or custom value in MB)
    -Maximum Bitrate Allowed
    (can be set to unlimited, or custom value from drop-down list)
    -Lockdown feature for both traffic and bitrate
    (if lockdown enabled, when user hits bandwidth limit, his control panel password will change to a random value that is e-mailed to the server administrator. An information message is sent.)
    -Limit checks per 3 minutes
    -Enable or Disable on-demand streaming

    User Features

    -Sessions controlled login validation system
    -StartStop Shoutcast Server
    -Bandwidth Usage ReportStatus
    -Edit Server's Configuration [32 features enabled, IP, port and max slots disabled]
    -Stats Configuration (server nameStream name)
    -SCPanel access info change (password AND username)
    -One Click Update System
    -View Active Server Status (indexmain page)
    -Server Usage Graphs
    -Password reset via email
    -Customer's information setup (email etc to recover password or get report if lockdown)
    -Manage and upload intro file, backup file, and ondemand content

    Extra Features

    -At the end of month, a traffic report is mailed to the admin and user and bandwidth counter is reset.
    -Administrator is provided with the ability to log into a user's Shoutcast Control Panel without the user's password.
    -Ability to reinstall shoutcast binary with hidden commands in updating system
    -Ability to reinstall SCPanel with hidden commands in updating system
    -Stand alone version can be installed without integrating SCPanel into any control panel.

    SCPanel License Pricing
    Monthly License $14.99 a month (limited time grand opening offer)
    Annual License $149.99 a year
    Lifetime License $499.99 one-time fee

    A SCPanel will work for one server IP address, but for an unlimited number of Shoutcast accounts. All license orders will be setup within 24 hours, at which time you will be e-mailed with everything needed to get SCPanel running on your server within minutes!

    Order Now! - More Info...

    Contact Info
    Website http://www.scpanel.net
    E-mail [email protected]
    AIM SCPanelRep

    Thank you for reading, please feel free to post any questions :)
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    Welcome to 5 Star. Note the rules say you must be an active memeber and have 10 posts to advertise here. Since this is not a spammy offer and is a service some of our memebers may be interested in, I will leave it up.