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Short intro ... its all about me me me !




I'm a mom, in a small town in Ohio. Self employed for many years and currently in college working on a masters in business with a focus on marketing.

I'm internet savvy wanting to convert my income from tangible sales to digital and/affiliate sales to get my house back!

Currently I sell books. I love books ... but I have books stuffed in spaces that I didn't even know I had. (around the house ... what wuz you thinking?) :eek:

As I learn my book business better I will keep and continue to move the high ticket books and decrease my inventory and maybe get a pool table instead of the extra 12 bookshelves in my living room.

Looking forward to learning and sharing ideas.



Welcome to this forum. You are sure to love it, people here are all ready for any kind of questions
BTW, I like books very much. :)
Nice to meet you.

Linda Buquet

Hi Destiny

Welcome to 5 star! You are a hoot! Love the subject line: "its all about me me me!" Want to tell you how much I appreciate your open posts so we can get a feel for who you are. I like you already. Stop by often and lets us know how things are going for you and ask any questions you think we can help you with.


remember me me me ?

It's been about three years since I stopped by to hang out. I went off for that college education and got a little tied up. I am still a struggling internet entrepreneur - only now I have a piece of paper that says I am smart! A very expensive piece of paper ... :p

I'm still self employed and have a small marketing consulting business going with just two clients - and still selling books on amazon and ebay. Biggest difference between me at that intro post 3 years ago and today ...

Well, let's see son is in school now. :D I got my first gray hairs .. and I moved to a farm in the middle of nowhere! I can enjoy watching the birds from the garden - on my laptop with satellite internet.. hehe. Who says you can't be a farmer and an internet marketer at the same time?

Cheers to the forum owners for keeping this place alive over the years. It's really a TOP NOTCH resource area!

Linda Buquet

Hi destiny911,

Of course I remember you. Welcome back! Glad you survived college and got your son into school.
Hope we can help you continue to learn and grow!


<b><font size=2>In Memoriam - Loyal Administrator<
Thanks for re-introducing yourself, destiny911.

It is interesting to note that you were the 250th member of 5 Star Affiliate Marketing Forums. There are now almost 6,000 members.

Now that you have returned, I hope you will be able to stick around and join us in some of our discussions whenever you can.