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Share your traffic sources here!

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by jpvonline, Feb 3, 2013.

  1. vash

    vash Affiliate affiliate

    According to AWstats, I get about
    18% of my traffic from search engines,
    2% traffic is from backlinks on external web pages,
    the remaining (the largest source) is from direct link address (either type in, or bookmark, or in emails, etc.)

    According to the same AWstats, the page views from search engines for June (last month) was just over 10k.

    I think I need to increase the percentage of traffic from both search engines and backlinks.
  2. Voluum
  3. Codi

    Codi Affiliate affiliate

    Currently, my websites get the most traffic from either social networking or hosting giveaways. Hosting giveaways is an amazing way to gain new readers and traffic. I try to do all I can, though...SEO, forum posting, youtube, backlinks...it is a lot of work. To me, the most enjoyable method is social networking. Pinterest, Stumbleupon, Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook are great places to promote.
  4. Teekay

    Teekay Affiliate affiliate

    Currently we have just over a third of the traffic coming from Twitter, with majority of the total traffic being referral from sites.
  5. Yorozuya

    Yorozuya Affiliate affiliate

    I get most of my traffic from twitter and facebook on my most popular site :) My other sites are getting most of their traffic from youtube, and only one of my site gets most of its traffic from search engines (I suck at seo). I'm better at ranking videos than websites :rolleyes:
  6. leandros21

    leandros21 Affiliate affiliate

    Just blogs :)
  7. mkcookin

    mkcookin Affiliate affiliate

    My main two traffic sources, have been forums and Facebook. These two alone are doing pretty well for me, but I want to get into video marketing as well. Youtube is so powerful, especially if you know how to rank videos, and make them go viral.
  8. ozadin

    ozadin Affiliate affiliate

    My main traffic is generating from forum posting, and article submissions. I'm currently focused on the two, so I don't expect any other traffic coming in from anywhere else. Some people that visited my blog probably recommended it to some people which is why I'm getting some from other websites and applications.
  9. sb123

    sb123 Affiliate affiliate

    Twitter gives me bulk of traffic. Facebook sometimes send me potential customers. Pinging also gives me lot of traffic. LinkedIn has helped tremendously. Forums do not help much considering the efforts it need, unless you have an active Buy/Sell thread going on. I do not use that method though. I have a good content on my site, and I use good SEO methods too, which helps in high ranking a few pages, and in bringing me lot of traffic from the search engines.
  10. toughtrasher

    toughtrasher Affiliate affiliate

    In regards to the people with traffic from SEO, how many searches are you ranking for and what are their search numbers roughly? Just want to know because I'm getting into SEO myself and the work is tough!
  11. Codi

    Codi Affiliate affiliate

    I think the main key is to have original content that is useful. I was thinking, and another thing that has consistently given me traffic, even from the beginning of the internet is website listings websites. Figure out what niche your website is in, and have it added to lists online under the appropriate category. Doing things like simply adding your website URL to your signature while posting in forums can be a big help, too.
  12. blackdata

    blackdata Affiliate affiliate

    I generate traffic through facebook fan pages, twitter, adwords and organic, blog commenting and various backlinks!
  13. Cammie27

    Cammie27 Affiliate affiliate

    Most of my traffic comes from backlinks and shares in social media. SEO and search engine traffic is my work-in-progress right now to expand my audience beyond the reach of forums, Facebook, and Pinterest.
  14. Danch

    Danch Affiliate affiliate

    I use forums to gather leads to my website. The actual selling is done via email marketing after building a relationship with my clients.

    Lead generation works very well with syndicated content, especially traffic from Web 2.0 sites. The niche you are in is important as well. Certain niches like weight loss have buying customers and are willing to spend say $20 for an ebook. They are desperate and look for instant solutions. I have met some success with affiliate marketing using the technique.

    The thumb rule I follow is just 20% of my links get indexed and ranked with free traffic. So volume is the key. Content has to be error free.
  15. Kristy

    Kristy Affiliate affiliate

    Almost all of my traffic comes from google. Next to that, sometimes I get some traffic from blogs and stuff like that (usually from where they linked to a post on my site but sometimes from where I've left a comment or something). And then coming in 3rd is Bing. I get a little bit of traffic from them.
  16. fancy

    fancy Affiliate affiliate

    Though I have at times used google searches and social networks I have somehow not found them quite effective as with Forums and SEO. With the SEO I always create unique ads that ensures I get more traffic since they always different from any ones else hence there are not issues of compromises. In addition, Forums work well since many people always take much of their time sharing their ideas with their folks through online forums. However, depending on your wishes you can also opt for the social networks as they also have some precious benefits if well used.
  17. smoothmarketer

    smoothmarketer Affiliate affiliate

    Amazingly, I've found traffic exchanges and free classifieds to be quite useful. I've received more success with paid traffic, but free sources cannot be ignored; that's what I used as my start-up source.
  18. atomic76

    atomic76 Affiliate affiliate

    Aside from SEO, I get most of my traffic from Pay Per Click campaigns on Google and Bing. The thing I like about them is you can control the amount of traffic you are getting from them, and turn them off during times when you don't want any traffic - such as outside of normal business hours. I've also done display advertising in the past, but I use a third party agency and work out a CPA deal with them since I don't have experience buying that inventory.
  19. Trista

    Trista Affiliate affiliate

    The majority of my traffic comes from search engines, mostly Google, and to a much lesser extent Bing and Yahoo. The rest of it comes from social media, particularly Twitter and Facebook, followed by blogs and forums.

    I am always working towards diversifying traffic sources so as to not be overly dependent on Google.