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Several methods help to promote your app


Here are many methods you can use to promote your app.

1. Optimize your App
Only your app have high quality, new users would like to install your app among the millions of other apps, old users will not delete it and recommend it to others. So the quality of your app is the basic thing, and it also is the most important thing. You can do ASO to promote your app.

2. Create communities
Create some groups and communities which full of app developers. You can help each other by advertising for each other, like downloading their app and give positive reviews. Or create some users group to motivate them to leave their feedback. This method is useful, but maybe it will take a lot of energy to do this.

3. Advertising
we have to admit that the advertising is the most effective to make app popular among average people. Also, it is an effective method to get app reviews. Create a video and put it on some people-crowed place, like subway, bus stations. Or make some attractive leaflets and hand out to target users.

4. App Store Optimization
As I mentioned before, this is a very useful method. Through optimizing the app title, app icon, keywords, descriptions, positive reviews, ratings and so on, make your app be easily searched in app store, and more installs, improve the ranking of your app. If you have adequate budget, you can seek a reliable ASO service provider to save energy and time.

Above are the methods can help promote your app.