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setting wordpress title tag



How do you set wordpress tags? I am very new to this and I am reading all about tags but I don't know where to set them. Any help appreciated. Thanks.

Linda Buquet

In post title you asked about title tag, in body of your post it sounds like you are asking about tags. Totally different types of tags. Which one did you want to know about? The title tag if I you mean what I think you do, pulls the title from your blog title.

Go to WP admin > options > general option> weblog title. Whatever you put there for your blog name will show up in your title tag.


Thanks much for the helpful response

I am very new , so I apologize for any "no way did this person just ask that questions" but when I refer to the title tag I am referencing the underlined text that appears as the first piece of information associated with ones site , in say, google. I believe you supplied me with exactly the information that I needed.

I will attempt to be much more specific when asking questions from this point on.

Do you have some type of thank you or reputation points on this forum? Maybe have 5 actual stars and fill them in when a member receives positive feedback.

Thanks again