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Seo for Link Building and Web Traffic. You can have your cake and eat it to.

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimisation' started by jcorkern, Oct 3, 2007.

  1. jcorkern

    jcorkern <b>Senior Member - SEO Pro<br />Global Moderator</ Administrator

    Learning how to get the most out of seo links for search engines and web traffic is a wonderful way to build an online presence that stays. This can and is done on a daily basis by many professional seo’s and internet marketing pro’s. And you can do it also if you understand the principles.

    The first thing that you must establish is that reciprocal links are not bad when used properly. I am sure that you have run across articles and blogs that have told you that links are like “votes” for your website. This is true, and it must be understood that all links have value, Even non related links. They have less value than a related link, but still have value. Just like our roads in the United States, you can change the speed limit, put up a stop sign or a slippery when wet sign, you can even put up a red light at an intersection, but can not take the road out of the equation.

    It is true that relevant links carry more weight with the search engines and the related link has more seo value. But you can still exchange links with a semi related site, gain some valuable traffic, and get some help in the search engines at the same time.

    Let’s say for example that you own a furniture site and sell home furnishings and have a few internal pages that have decent Pr to them ( like a Pr4 ) that is ranking in the search engines for specific phrases like “dining room furniture” and have a little space available for a link or two on the page.

    Why not take advantage of that area and find a website that is in a similar situation and is somewhat related and exchange internal links page for page. For example you could find a site that sells “dining ware” and request a link exchange from a page that already has a similar keyword in the title (or at least it should) and is also getting web traffic that might be interested in what you have. There is also an added plus to this, It will give you a link exchange with an equal Pr page, it is somewhat related, can exchange real qualified traffic and provide some deep linking to an internal page on your website.

    This is a win / win situation for all parties. Both sites get great benefits and the customer has a good link right on the page that is indirectly related to what they were looking for in the first place. This could realistically generate revenue for both sites and a very satisfied customer.

    The most popular way that you can get good seo links and traffic is to become an expert writer and begin an article campaign. This is a way to brand yourself because ezine publishers tend to use the same group of authors for their ezines once you get consistent with your writings. Why do you think you can search by author in an article directory? It is because people are creatures of habit and like routine. This is a powerful tool to you as an online marketer because the ezine publishers send your link to potential customers on a regular basis and the customer gets used to your name and website giving you a branding effect.
    To prove this point and how powerful this method is, If you get a small cut on your finger you go to your restroom or medicine cabinet and get a __________ To put on it .

    Did you say Band-aid? The fact of the matter is that you used an adhesive bandage, Band-aid is a brand name. It is just that Band-aid was put in front of you so consistently that you actually mistake the brand for the actual product.

    The second part of articles is that you provided yourself with one way links that are completely relevant because you control the content.

    There are many other ways to build links for web traffic and seo at the same time. All it takes is a little thought and action and soon you will reap the rewards of your efforts if you are consistent.
  2. newbidder
  3. Arun Lakhera

    Arun Lakhera Affiliate affiliate

    I would like to drag your attention to an issue. There is a disagreement regarding working of link exchange among the webmasters. You say that it works but there are others, who deny this theory. I am hoping an informative answer from a master webmaster like you.:)
  4. jcorkern

    jcorkern <b>Senior Member - SEO Pro<br />Global Moderator</ Administrator


    Matt Cutts has stated that link exchanges "just to get any link" is bad and will get you in trouble. as long as they are limited, targeted, and not from a bad site, they are OK, but building link page after link page is considered now as a link farm and is a violation of the T.O.S. of all major SE's.

    This is all common sense. If you are exchanging for traffic and it is not a sponsored (paid) link, you will be ok.

    By the way, i am really not a webmaster, I am a marketer and SEO, I stay only in these fields, and just answer questions directly related to these fields. I am far from a designer or webmaster. I hire the best i can find for this and do my job which is seo and marketing.

    This is the key to success in business, put the pro's to work and it makes your specialty that much easier.

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