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Selling SELLING - Web Hosting For Tracking Only

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell or Trade' started by joshuayip, Apr 22, 2013.

  1. joshuayip

    joshuayip Affiliate affiliate

    Hello CPAFix Members,

    This is not a commercial grade hosting I am offering to you. It's more of a personal hosting which will benefit you and me. I have a dedicated server with the following specification:

    - 16GB Memory
    - 2 X 1 TB Hard Disk (software raid setup)
    - Intel Xeon X3450 (8 cores)
    - Data Center is at Scronton PA.
    - WHM and Cpanel (Can create multiple Cpanel accounts)
    - Softaculous (200 over scripts can be installed at just a few clicks)

    The server is managed by people from the datacenter with response time about 30 minutes or less.

    You may be starting in your affiliate marketing and getting a VPS for your tracker (p202 or cpvlab) may be a bit costly. So I am offering the following to you for noobs getting started, needing a good hardware to install a tracker or so.

    Why this is a good start?
    1. With a regular shared hosting, your tracker will be competing with hundred over websites on the server for RAM, CPU.
    2. Your tracker will have performance issue / slowness because the web server, mysql cannot respond as fast as expected. You may be losing money bcos of this.
    3. When your processes take up too much CPU time, big hosters like Godaddy have in place a mechanism to simply kill that process to ensure server stability.
    4. A VPS may be expensive for you now (1gb VPS with Cpanel and server management will cost you $40 and above, 512MB may be too restrictive). With my server, you get all the resources you want as we are sharing the server.
    5. I am only sharing this with 5-8 people. I will stop at 5 takers and gauge the performance

    So for only $20 per month, you get :
    1. One reseller WHM / Cpanel account which you may created unlimited cpanel account. This will allow you to sell hosting to your family or friends to recover a few dollars.
    2. 100GB

    Payment method : paypal

    If you are hosting any other stuff other than trackers and regular website, please do send me a note and we can discuss if the server is right for you. I would like to maintain a good server performance. So malicious scripts , scanners , black hat stuff is not allowed. I do require the RAM, CPU resources myself to run traffic.

    Note : For now I am relying on cpanel backups on the same hard disk and mirrored onto the secondary hard disk. Please feel free to take your own cpanel backup off site.

    To get on board, please PM me. Thanks

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