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Selling The College Blog

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell or Trade' started by Geoffrey, Sep 1, 2013.

  1. Geoffrey

    Geoffrey Affiliate affiliate

    I'm looking for interested buyers for The College Blog. Honestly, I don't want to sell and don't need to sell. But at the same time, I know I'm better off without the commitment of running a website and am interested in finding someone else to take it over and run with it.

    Site Link: http://thecollegeblog.net

    Site has a customized theme built on the Genesis Framework. There are currently 39 posts made since launching July 6. A successful sale includes all files and content on the site.

    There is a total of 3,260 page views in less than two months time. This past week alone, there were 308 pageviews with minimal time investment into the site (only two new posts and little promotion). We average 40-60 hits per day from a variety sources, including search engines, promotion topics, social bookmarks and direct (returning) traffic.

    I have not attempted to gain any revenue from the site, so no stats on that area are available. It would not be too difficult for a new owner to start adding revenue options however, seeing as there is already lots of content and visitors on the site. I simply am not in it for the money, so I didn't do ads.

    I will continue writing content for the site and maintaining it until if and when it is sold to a new owner, so don't worry about it suffering in the meantime.

    I'm fine with running this in an auction format, though I do have a reserve price in mind. You can start bidding where ever you'd like, and if you'd like a "BIN" you can PM me.
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  3. DMang17

    DMang17 Affiliate affiliate

    Ill give you a starting bid at $5. :)
  4. Geoffrey

    Geoffrey Affiliate affiliate

    What a joke. I'd rather keep it.
  5. Narjis Enterprise

    Narjis Enterprise Affiliate affiliate

    excellent.. what price should be for this site