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Selling on Amazon


I do some causal selling on Amazon selling my textbooks back at the end of the semester, I make more money than selling back to buy-back companies but have wanted to get more into selling for a full time income. But it takes a decent investment to get things off the ground plus the sales tax ID number you need I found was such a hassle to deal with I scrapped the idea of selling full time. Is anyone else selling either books or anything else on Amazon what's been your experience with it?


I am sure most of the (college) students had sold their text books one way or another. Many (including myself) had sold them on Amazon. If you want to expand it into a business, I'd suggest you do it without Amazon. Amazon charges a fee and it cut into your profit.

I know such small business run by (current) student. Where the guy started a small web site of his own. It is fortunately for him there are 3 universities where he is studying at. He buy back text books from other students and resell them to the students...without Amazon.


Vash is right, a full time business arrangement with Amazon can cut down your profits by a large margin. It's great for stand alone selling but I'd advice you against starting a business with them. You can start your own website, promote it through Pinterest and Twitter, I'm sure in time it'll take off well and good.