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Selling Facebook & Adwords Credts!

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell or Trade' started by Euthanor, Mar 4, 2012.

  1. Euthanor

    Euthanor Affiliate affiliate

    Hello all! I'm currently selling Facebook and Adword Credits!

    Price List:

    80 Euros Adwords PPC Credits - 20$

    100$ Adwords PPC Credits - 25$

    100$ Facebook PPC Credits - 30$


    Adwords Vouchers

    The symbols that are written in parenthesis are the recommended countries to use on your ADWORDS billing address when appling the Adwords coupon for having better chances on running your ads.
    1. U.S= United States

    2. DE = Germany

    3. A.C = Any country EXCEPT China
    2) Another tip that may help you run your ads will be to signup for an adwords account through the links matching there respective countries:

    United States (U.S): adwords.google.com

    Germany (DE): adwords.google.de

    Facebook Vouchers

    1. For advertising the same url you can make redirects. You can get free domains from webs.com or weebly.com or even blogspot.com and make http redirects. More info

    2. Try to not apply the coupon from the first step. Wait until your ads get approved and they are running, and only after you can see that your ads are running go to: Facebook Advertising Panel-> Billing->Add Facebook Coupon, and apply the coupon.

    3. Get a new class of ip if possible (123, 89, 20..), and of course a new real credit card.

    4. Don't forget to clear your web history and cookies CTRL + F5.

    5. Don't forget to delete the campaigns after and close the entire facebook account.

    6. In case you get Inneligible account on appling the voucher from the Billing tab, it means that they have detected you and you should try closing the facebook account, wait 24 hours, create a new account and try to apply the same coupon again.

    7. Method can be applied to Adwords Vouchers as well.

    Contact me via PM or Skype: euthanor
  2. newbidder
  3. Chuck Norris

    Chuck Norris Affiliate affiliate


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