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Selling Domains


Selling domains is basically a hobby of mine. I love purchasing unique domains from a Registrar and selling them, many webmasters are looking for domains with unique words and great meaning, so that's what I focus on. You can easily make around double the amount you purchased it for, or even a few bucks above the original price.

Do you sell domains? Have you ever sold a domain before, if so what was the domain and how much did you sell it for?

I have sold a few domains before, the most recent one I sold was, for $20. I purchased it for $10 and used it for almost 6-7 months. I'm currently selling which is a domain I purchased from Namecheap and selling for $10 :)


I've bought and sold tons of domains.. Many in the XXX range and my highest is in the low X,XXX range....I love it!

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I purchased a domain and the web hosting a few months ago and never actually used it, well I got dumb enough and purchased all the things like pro hosting and stuff that all costed like $150 and till now I haven't even touched the site to start creating it and just start to take it to air on the internet.

I changed my mind about the business idea I had and want to get a new domain and to sell the existing one.
How do I do this, is there any sites except eBay that I can auction it.
I see lots of people sell domains, actually there are some butt heads that just sit down and think about cool domain names and the if its available, they buy and sells it in a good price.