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Search Engine Submission Script – 141 Directories

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell or Trade' started by toffee, Jul 24, 2009.

  1. toffee

    toffee Affiliate affiliate

    Webmasters are always looking for more Backlinks


    Because backlinks are essential to give their website a better ranking, reach a good position with the search engines and increase their sales.

    So, launch your free Search Engine Submission website. Give webmasters what they want: Backlinks!
    Take control of your own powerful package of over 141 Search Engines and directories and dish out a phenomenal experience that keeps your customers coming back for more.

    The datafile for the whole script is wide open! So you can manually add as many directories as you want

    Ad Spots:
    The script was enhanced with many features to improve your revenues. Two predefined ad spots. One 468x60 and one 125x125. You can easily modify your ads by editing two single files (one for each ad spot). You can switch the format of your ads as you want.

    Listing Partner:
    The listing Partner Area provides you with a links area to cross link your site or sell Backlinks to advertisers. This is very useful for SEO and therefore to increase your SERPs.

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    This link will be hit hundreds of times by the users. They will tweet your Search engine digger website over and over!

    More Mini tools
    We make sure that this site cover the whole Site URL submission area, that's why we added a domain verifier tool (Locally installed), a comment box, Web 2.0 ajax links to Sitemap generator and Page Rank Checker!

    Order now

    Search Engine Submission full specs

    Live site (or submit your website for free J)

    More PHP Scripts
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