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Save changesHow To Do Affiliate Marketing With Paid Facebook Advertising The Right Way

Discussion in 'Traffic Sources - General' started by Stevens, Sep 15, 2018.

  1. Stevens

    Stevens Affiliate affiliate

    If you’re thinking about running Facebook ads to your affiliate marketing offers make sure you read this whole post because I’ll be telling you what to do, and why to do it so that you can confidently spend money on Facebook ads knowing that you’ll make money in the long term.

    So first off, if you’re sending or planning on sending people directly to an people Affiliate offer with Facebook ads, you’re just setting yourself up to fail. Facebook doesn’t even allow you to send people directly to an affiliate offer, so if you’re trying that you’ll get banned, but even if they did allow you to do that, you still wouldn’t be successful with Facebook ads because you’re not building a relationship with your potential customers before you try to sell to them.

    I wanna lay out two scenarios here for you that make it clear why you have to build a relationship with your customer, and then I’m gonna show you how you can go about building that relationship.

    So imagine this, you went to this restaurant and it was so good that you started to recommend it to your friends. Chances are since you’re telling them it’s good they’ll check it out because you already have a strong relationship with them, which means they trust what you’re telling them. Now in scenario two, let’s say you went to that same restaurant but this time instead of telling your friends about it you went to the mall and you just started going up to random people and telling them all my God you have to try this restaurant it was so good. Chances are they’ll either completely ignore you, or they just won’t check out the restaurant because they don’t have any sort of relationship with you and therefore they have no trust. You have to apply the same concept to affiliate marketing. If you just try to drive people straight to an affiliate offer without ever building a relationship or any trust with them chances are you won’t make any money, and all that money that you’ve been spending on Facebook ads will be a complete waste. So how do you go about building a relationship with your customers?

    You offer them something for free that will help them go down the path of solving their problem, that your affiliate offer will end up resolving, and In exchange for that free info, they give you their email. Now after the opt in you have two choices. You can either choose to send that person to an upsell page with a low ticket affiliate offer, or you can choose to just send them to a thank you page that lets them know their free content will be sent to their email, and that they can be expecting more free content from you over the next few days. If you chose to send them to an upsell page with a low ticket offer you are going to give them the option to hear out your sales pitch, or if they don’t have any intentions of spending right this second, you’re going to give them the option to go to your thank you page that again, lets them know the free content will be sent to their email and that they can be expecting more free content from you over the next few days. It’s important that you give them the option to say no to your upsell, and just go to your thank you page because number one we want them to know that their free content is on the way, along with more free content in the upcoming days, and not only that but we are going to do something on our thank you page that will make us more money in the long term, but i’ll get to what we do on the thank you page later in the video.

    Now after they opt in to your email list, Regardless of if you chose to send them directly to your offer, or to an upsell page you are going to start your email follow up sequence.

    This is going to be a sequence of 4 to 14 emails that will automatically be sent to all the people who opted in to your list and will give more free value to them, and get them ready to buy your affiliate offer. In the first few emails you’re going to strictly be giving value and building a relationship, because remember if you can build a strong relationship with a potential customer they’ll be way more likely to take you up on your affiliate offer than if you just try to sell right away. Now After you've given them pure value for a few days, or even up to a whole week depending on your niche, then you are going to promote your affiliate offer to them. Waiting a few days to promote your offer highly increases your chances of a person clicking through to your affiliate offer, and even considering buying it because you’ve now build that relationship with them, they no longer view as a random person on the Internet trying to sell them something, but instead they view you as a helpful friend that’s recommending a product to them.

    So really the reason so many people are spending money on Facebook ads and not making any of the back is because they’re not taking the time to build a relationship and presell to their potential customers. So again, if you want to have success affiliate marketing with paid Facebook advertising then you need to give value first, and build an email list. Now to this point I’ve only really been talking about the importance of building an email list on the surface level, where it helps you make a sale on the first affiliate offer you promote, but really building an email list does so much more than that for you. Not only will it increase your conversions on the first affiliate offer you promote, but it will allow you to promote all of your future affiliate offers to a highly target audience that already has a relationship with you and therefore is highly likely to buy. When you build an email list, and build a relationship with your potential customers you’re not only increasing your conversions on that original Facebook ad and affiliate offer, you are increasing the lifetime value of every person who sees your ad, which will make your ads profitable in the long term. Most Facebook ads, especially for beginners are going to break even, or even lose a little bit of money on the front end, but that doesn’t really matter because if you are building trust, and an email list that will eventually make that money back in the long run.

    Now, earlier on I mentioned that I would show you something that you can do on your thank you page to make your ads even more profitable in the long run so here’s that tip.

    You are going to want to include a call to action that encourages people to follow you on all of the platforms where you post content about your niche. So for example, if you have a YouTube channel, Instagram page, or Facebook group about your niche you are going to want to encourage people to join those communities. You want to do this because It is just another way for you to build a stronger relationship and keep in touch with your potential customers, and as I’ve mentioned several times now throughout this video that is absolutely essential if you want to have success affiliate marketing with Facebook ads. Not everyone that opts in to your email list is going to check their email every day, so they might miss an email from you here and there, but if you can get that person to also join your Facebook group or subscribe to your YouTube channel then you can keep that relationship with them strong, which again will help with sales in the long term.

    So please, no more linking directly to an affiliate offer, or to a landing page where you don’t collect emails! Always run your Facebook ads to a landing page where are you give away something for free in exchange for an email, send that person to an OTO or a thank you page, and then follow up with that with that lead over the next 4 to 14 days, providing tons of value, and only recommending your affiliate offer to them after you have built A relationship and trust with them. If you do these things, then your Facebook ads will be profitable in the long term, and you’ll be able to create a successful affiliate marketing business.
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