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Hi everyone! Been lurking here for a bit and finally decided to jump in. I'm a sahm to three wonderful kiddies, and would like to start contributing to our family finances. Problem is I have been getting slammed with offers to buy into companies, etc. We do not have any money to put out to start. Is there a place on this forum where I can find scam -free jobs that don't require a fee upfront?

Thanks for your help'


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Hi, Kate.

We have this forum for Affiliate Manager Jobs - Internet Marketing Jobs http://affiliate-marketing-forums.5...filiate-manager-jobs-internet-marketing-jobs/ However I don't think that is what you were talking about. I got the impression you are looking for some work-at-home programs. It would probably be best that you not look into any of those and the big promises that they make.

You could consider learning as much as you can about affiliate marketing. There never is a charge to join a legitimate affiliate marketing program.

This is a good place to learn and ask questions because we aren't trying to sell you anything and we don't allow our members to answer questions by trying to sell something.

Remember whenever you have questions, just be sure to ask them. We are here to help you.

A good place to begin is our Newbie Affiliate Forum. You should read as much there as you can and pay particular attention to the ones market "Sticky" but there are many other great threads in that forum. You will learn a lot there that will be helpful to you.

Since you made your post in the Newbie Affiliate Forum, you are already aware of it. All you need to do now is spend some time reading and asking questions.

Linda Buquet

Hi Kate,

Welcome to 5 Star. We don't list any work at home jobs - but when you think about it IF there is a work at home job that's legit, you should not have to pay, they should pay you. If there is a fee involved it's a business opportunity, MLM or a scam.

Everything here is scam-free and all LEGIT affiliate programs are FREE,
there is never a fee to join. So like Larwee said, red up in the newbie forum and see if affiliate marketing is what you are looking for. Lots of sahm's generate extra family income this way. Let us know how we can help.