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Running your campaign on any traffic source

Discussion in 'Guides, Case Studies and Tutorials' started by Affmy, Jul 4, 2017.

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    Running your campaign on any traffic source

    The 1-st Part

    If you’ve already signed up for some affiliate accounts, it’s time for you to start. There will be a couple of steps you should pass on your way.

    Setting up your first campaign

    The following tutorial was made to help you launch the one on any source of traffic. In case you’re going to start with the specific source of traffic, then you should definitely check out the appropriate guide. Though, the following will also be more than useful.

    It’ll help you to understand the whole thing better, showing the reason why you’re doing it. If you’re setting up a campaign on different source of traffic, then stick to the guide as close as possible. The tech details for your traffic source, tracker or affiliate network – that’s what you’ll have to figure out and the guide will show you the next steps.

    What will you get from it?

    Don’t expect the campaign to be a source of income. There’s a very low possibility it will be. A good many of campaigns must be launched and a great amount of optimization work must be made before everything will run properly. And this is true for every new traffic source you start.

    Usually, 20 campaigns or more are needed before finding the appropriate one. Be aware that the whole process is a kind of learning which you pay for. If you do everything right, your award will be more than decent.

    In case you’re a freshman in the issue, affiliate marketing will definitely be a complicated thing for you. That’s OK, because it is so for almost everyone.

    Launching a “direct linked” campaign is rather simple if we compare it with the other ones. It’s a good idea to add a landing page for most sources of traffic and verticals, but it will also make the whole thing a bit more complicated. You’d better add a lander after you’ve finished with direct-linking.

    Asking an affiliate manager for recommendations about the offer

    The primary thing is to choose the concrete offer to be launched. You should figure out the best recommendations for your niche or traffic source from your affiliate managers. Contact them and ask about the relevant offers.

    There will definitely be a couple of variants from them, so choose the one that fits the majority of your. That will make split-testing possible.

    To be continued….
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  2. Globaxy
  3. Affmy

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    Running your campaign on any traffic source

    The 2-nd Part

    Competition analysis

    You can use a spy tool for your traffic source in order to find the best ad types for the concrete offer. The time period for the ad search might be the last three month and ten day period. Make sure the offer is similar to the one you have chosen to use. If it is about an app install, look for similar ads. You will need to spend some time on the research, but the results will show your increase.

    Your aim is to understand common things that are true for different ads. You should analyze image types, keywords, headlines and “clickable” phrases. It would be a great idea to click on one of such phrases to see the destination page.

    The other one useful thing is to see what platform is a basis for website with ads being observed. The mentioned tool is the one that most people often ignore. Usually, Usually, they are in too much of a hurry and make mistakes or just copy what they’ve seen. So, if you do everything right, you’ll be one step ahead of them. Using the STMmembership would also be great. You’ll find a lot of info in guides and success stories.

    Searching for appropriate images

    There are tons of images in the web you can use. It’s even hard to find the topic that wouldn’t have the appropriate pictures in the search results. Just try to search the relevant site with free photos or use Google images. Note that some of the images, like the ones from Creative Commons, must be licensed in order to be used in commercial sphere. The same is when you’re going to edit them somehow.

    The other way to receive good images for your ads is to register on websites with paid photos and images. You’ll definitely find there a lot of high quality pictures. However, that will cost you up to several hundred dollars. But it’s worth your money in most cases.

    A good way to choose right images is to look on your successful competitors. Try to find some similar images to the one they use. But don’t copy them fully. Search for something that works better. It could be different color, pattern, style, etc.

    Tips to design the banners

    This is the moment when you have to show all your creativity. Open special editing tools and try to design something interesting using your own style and the patterns you’ve seen while “spying”.

    It is essential to choose the right size for your banners. In mobile sector the 320x50 resolution will be fine. At the same time, for general Web you can use either long 796x80 or almost square 300x250.

    The frame of the banner might be very different. Be creative. Add body text, headlines and CTA elements, use the knowledge you’ve received while spying. Then, combine the pattern you’ve created with various images. Save your result with plain names. It will help you not to confuse images when there are many of them.

    To be continued…
  4. Affmy

    Affmy Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate


    Running your campaign on any traffic source

    The 3-rd Part

    How to work with tracking software?

    The following issue requires some time before you’ll understand how it all works. Your tracking software is like a glue that puts together different parts of your campaign It shows you what things really work.

    It’s not easy to work with the software, though, the next tips will help you to do everything right. Just follow them step by step. First, choose the URL of the offer to start with. Then, set it up in your software for tracking. The best campaign to start is Direct Link. It’s quite simple, which is great for beginners. Then, set your source of traffic in the tracker.

    The next step is to create a campaign in the tracker. Again, start with direct linking at this point. In the end, you’ll need Postback to be set up for the offer.

    The things to do just after the start

    Money is something you’ll need at the beginning. Not much, just a minimal amount for your source of traffic. The sum is often around 100$. After that, your main aim is knowledge. Try to find as much info as possible in related articles and guides. You should know almost everything about your traffic source.

    As soon as you’ve finished with studying, launch your campaign. You’ll have to upload the banners you’ve created earlier in it. If you have some problems with this, just ask the support team or search for related guides, which most sources of traffic have.

    So, you create your single campaign and then upload all the ads needed in it. The URL of the offer, which was mentioned in the previous paragraph, should be used as the URL for all the banners. In case your source of traffic doesn’t have dynamic tokens support, then change the value “banner” on the appropriate banner’s name.

    Options for targeting

    Actually, they might be quite different for various traffic sources. Still, county will definitely be among these options. So, just choose the one, which is relevant to your offer and ads. And don’t try to aim for many counties. There is another way to set the right options. Just use those you’ve seen to be working good when you were “spying” with special tools.

    Is it better to bid high or low?

    Right bidding is a key to efficient strategy in affiliate marketing. It varies a lot from one source of traffic to another. So, there is no general advice, but there are some very helpful tips. First, it’s better to start high and move to low when you start receiving traffic. Second, you shouldn’t aim to be #1 in most cases.

    Be slightly after the leader. That won’t work only in auctions where the winner takes everything.