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RSS Marketing Works - Stats and Metrics To Prove It

Linda Buquet

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RSS Marketing Works - Stats and Metrics To Prove It

I have been asked many times by marketers on the forums if blogs really work in terms of helping SEO efforts by increasing inbound links, providing fresh content, boosting rankings and increasing traffic. Well for me and many others it certainly has. I just started this blog mid March and had over 1500 visitors the first 2 weeks. My traffic has more than quadrupled since then and is growing every month, so I am VERY happy with the results so far. (Thanks to all you loyal readers!) Last I checked this blog was #1 on all the engines for "affiliate blogs" and even has high rankings for "SEO blogs" - a much more competitive term.

BLOG TIP: I am REALLY glad I hired a pro WordPress designer to build in lots of custom stuff I wanted and ensure all the code was nice and clean. Thanks Podz - you are a WIZARD and a pleasure to work with! (Extremely reasonable too!) Who knows how it would have turned out if I had tried to do it myself. Come to think of it - if I had not hired Podz to design it, you would not be reading this blog today, because it would still be on my to-do list.

So for those that still need a little boost toward the world of blogging, for those analytic types that need more proof and for the geeks that just like looking at stats - here are some metrics from 4 difference angles that may help shed some light on how blogs can be a successful part of your marketing mix. RSS Works: Hard Metrics from MarketingNewz

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