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Rotating Offers Question

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by jeterboy, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. jeterboy

    jeterboy Affiliate affiliate

    Hey guys, I found rotating offers works well for me than using only one and all those offers are belong to one cpa network, my question is, how many offers you guys usually rotates? 3 or 4 or 5? why? and does that offers belongs to different CPA network or not? Thanks.
  2. Golden Goose
  3. david15923

    david15923 Affiliate affiliate

    Dude, there is no "right" number of offers that you must rotate... Rotate as much offers as your money allows because if you rotate 2 it might take you 10$ (just an example) to see which one converts better but for you to test 4 it takes you 20$, for 6 offers 30$, etc. etc. And yeah, try as much offers as you can, even if they are from different networks.
  4. Steve MaxBounty

    Steve MaxBounty Affiliate affiliate

    I agree with david15923 - test!

    Not only do you have to see which offers convert best for you, but if the number of offers you rotate has an effect on conversions. What I'd do is first sort out which offers you run convert best for you. Once you know that, test how conversions go rotating three of the best, then four, and so on.

    Whether you run offers through only one network or many depends on your needs. Some people like running with one network to ensure they meet the minimum payment threshold, while others like to use many networks so that all their proverbial eggs aren't in one basket. Other factors may also sway people to use a specific network (or networks) - not just having the offers you are looking for, but where you find the best rates, best support, etc.

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