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Rookie Mistake. Need Advice

Discussion in 'General Internet Marketing' started by ezdozit42, May 1, 2007.

  1. ezdozit42

    ezdozit42 Affiliate affiliate

    Hey All. I make a rookie mistake and need advice. I purchased a software online (via wire transfer) and what they sent was not the product I ordered and crashed upon install. I reviewed the company before purchasing via BBB, consumer reports and several script review sites. I only found one negative review from a year ago. The only reason I wired the funds was due to my time line. Of course, the company has not returned any of my calls, emails or IM's. My bank says I'm S.O.L. I've reported them to the BBB, consumer reports and I've begun talking with lawyers. Does anyone have any other suggestions on how I can get my money back? BTW, the company name starts with (name removed by Linda)

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  2. newbidder
  3. Linda Buquet

    Linda Buquet <span style="color: #daa520;font-weight: bold;">Me

    Hi 5starTodd,

    Sorry for the problem you are going through.

    Sorry I had to delete the company name. We have had things like this come up in the past where it was an honest mistake or a user error and they made it sound like the company had ripped them off. Then the company comes to me threatening me because the info was false and it hurt their reputation.

    You are a regular member and I'm sure what you are saying is true but I still hope it was just a miscommunication and gets resolved. Do they have a company forum or blog you could post at?
  4. ezdozit42

    ezdozit42 Affiliate affiliate

    I understand

    I understand why the Company name was removed. No worries. The company in question has no forum or blog. I've written a review on various software review sites. I can only hope no one else will get burned by them.
  5. eWebCreator

    eWebCreator Affiliate affiliate



    Most companies are actually pretty flexible when it comes to refunds. Making sure their customers are happy by either helping them to fix the problem or simply refunding them the purchase price is usually much cheaper for them in the long run.

    The "negative press" they potentially will receive when the upset customer starts posting all over the Internet about their bad experience will cost the company future sales.

    I would email or phone them and explain the problem nicely. Do not make demands or anything, as most companies (not all) will treat you well and make you ultimately satisfied.

  6. purplebear

    purplebear Affiliate affiliate

    I'm sorry for what happened to you, too.:( I definitely would try to be as nice as possible to them for now to see if that'll work to try to solve your problem. Agree that ya never know. Could be a mistake and they'll want to make good on things. If that doesn't tho.....ummm only after you've exhausted all your being nice tactics, tho.:) tell them how good of a blogger you are and how many blogging friends you have. I won't go naming names but a certain lady known for her blogging about a certain natural thing having to do with being a Mom got in a little bit of trouble with one of the big guys and the blogging helped her. Most companies really don't want bad publicity so maybe if all else fails that'll help. Hope so.:)

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