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My name is Robert , a resident of MA. I am a graduate of McCann Technical School and Jim Evans Academy Of Professional Umpiring. I have majored in business courses at BCC, which is located in Pittsfield, MA. In the later 90s I started a sports trading card business over the Internet. I had a great time trading, selling and buying online. But most of all I enjoyed talking sports with my customers.

Besides the computer and watching professional sports, I enjoy collecting trading cards, playing basketball and talking to people. I love chatting online and talking about business, cooking and most of all getting to know people.


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Welcome to 5 Star, Robert.

I am also a sports fan. I love just about every sport. I don't even dislike baseball umpires when they make a bad call. ;)

There are some friendly people here, so you should enjoy yourself.

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I'd like very much to have the time to investigate and build our own affiliate program as well. Strong thinking, Robert!

For now I will be happy that there are places to join Merchants and Affiliates and manage the sales through.