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[Review] of Affiliate World Europe 2019 by ZorbasMedia

Discussion in 'ZorbasMedia' started by ZorbasMedia, Aug 1, 2019.

  1. ZorbasMedia

    ZorbasMedia Affiliate Media Agency affiliate

    We shot a comprehensive review of Affiliate World Europe, we talked to iAmAttila, Erik Gyepes, Affiliate Jesus, executives of well-known companies and discussed the opportunities that this conference holds.

    We even glanced behind the scenes to talk to the conference CEO in order to find out what it takes to host such a great event (no big deal, just 8 months of preparation and almost a week of hard work!)

    Check out our review of Affiliate World Europe 2019 and recall how cool it was (maybe you can spot yourself)!

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  3. tsc

    tsc Affiliate affiliate

    Nice work. Thank you very much.
    Looks like AWE was a blast.