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Research - Choosing an advertiser


Hello All,

I hope I am posting this question in the right area, if not let
me know where to post it and I'll put it there.

When researching advertisers products I'd like to promote
I go to Google and check the competition to see how many
optimized pages there are.

For example: If I am interested in promoting Keurig Coffee
Makers I do a search on Google "keurig Coffee Makers" if I
see a that there are 90 or 100 thousand competing pages
I move on to the next advertiser.

Am I going about this the right way? Is there a better way
to approach this? :cool:


Lester T.

Linda Buquet

"Am I going about this the right way? Is there a better way to approach this?"

Well it depends... Are you building a site around the product or doing PPC?

KW research tips:

after you check "keurig Coffee Makers" - then check allintitle: "keurig Coffee Makers"

When you just use quotes it will show all pages that have it anywhere on the page. allintitle: gives you a better picture of how many pages are really competing.

But you also need to check to see how popular the phrase is. You can use the SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool as a starting point, it's free. If you only search Google competition, you could find something low competition and the reason could be no one is looking for it or interested.

Providing you 1st did KW research to find the general niche and know you want to focus on coffee makers (using that as an example.) What many people would do is 1st use SEObook (or free Wrodtracker or something).

Just type in: Coffee maker 1st. Then see what brands or search phrases come up fairly high in terms of # of searches.

Then pick some phrases that look good and check allintitle:. Then narrow it down to the phrases that have good search volume (demand) but lower competition.

Hope this helps a little!


On the other hand, it isn't easy to promote a product that allot of people don't know...
Maybe that's the sort of challenges you seek, but I would prefer to take a higher challenge and work myself in the top from the products everyone knows.


Hi Linda and All,

I am Building my site around a product. Using the word coffee maker is a good starting point. I have been using free Wordtracker first then headed over and used Google. I'll use the allintitle: "keurig Coffee Makers". :)

Thank for the guidance,

Lester T.


Hi Lester;

You can also use allinanchor for Google serach results.

I have searched Google US with:

intitle:"keurig coffee maker" inanchor:"keurig coffee maker"

and there are 402 results.

The 'inanchor' means that the domain or file name aslo has the keywords - Google likes this :)

All the best,