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Re-introducing Myself!


Hi all,

Just thought I'd stop by to say "Hi"... again. :) I used to post as "5PillarManager" but recently resigned from the AM position at SiteSell to do my affiliate business full time so I thought the old username would be confusing to people. So here I am again as "Lisa76".

Just for the record, SiteSell is an awesome company and I will miss everyone there, but I couldn't ignore my own site's success and I'm looking forward to being my own boss. :) I don't think my affiliate biz would be where it is today if it weren't for the lessons of Ken Evoy.

Rick Hart took my place and just joined the forums today so he will be gracing everyone with his presence soon. Anyway, just saying "Hi" again!

Linda Buquet

Hey Lisa,

Thanks for the re-intro Lisa.

You are such a SUCCESS story!

The fact that you would leave a company like SiteSell because
your own AM business is doing so well - is a testiment
to the power of Affiliate marketing done RIGHT!

You GO girl!!! :D


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Hi, Lisa.

Congratulations on the success of your affiliate business.

I am glad you are still going to be around posting here at 5 Star. Our members will benefit from your presence.


Thanks you two. Yes, I will definitely keep posting here. This is one of the most useful affiliate marketing forums I've ever found and I love giving advice. :D


New Member
Welcome sound like you have it all going on great. Now you OWN your life:) of luck..From the sound of things, you already have it..