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Review Rate fast and easy CMS DataLife Engine.


Hello distinguished colleagues!
I want to introduce you to a simple and convenient cms DataLife Engine (DLE).

About The Engine - brief description of the DLE cms.
DataLife Engine is a multifunctional Content Management System. Thanks to a very powerful news, articles, and users management system, DataLife Engine is designed primarily for the own mass media websites and blogs creation on the Internet. A wide variety of basic features of the engine, which are initially integrated into it, allows DataLife Engine to step further ahead of its nearest competitors in terms of the website creation. And thanks to the precise and sophisticated core structure that minimizes the load on server resources DataLife Engine is able to easily work with projects with a large attendance keeping the server load on a minimum level. The flexibility and ease of customization and integration of custom design allows you to study and understand the structure of templates and deploy your own websites as soon as possible, without any additional material costs. Advanced AJAX technology allows to reduce both traffic and resources on your server and your visitors’ traffic, not to mention the ease of use of this technology on the website for your visitors. Due to increased attention to the security of the engine, to its convenience, and to its dynamic development, more than 90 000 portals around the world, that are successfully use it in work, have already spoken out in favor of DataLife Engine. Much attention is paid to the search engine optimization, which allows to lead more visitors to your website.

  • News And Articles Publication - Powerful news and articles publication system with plenty of options
  • Templates - Convenient template system, which allows to make the website design without any knowledge of programming languages
  • Social Networks - User authentication on your website using social networks accounts
  • Multiuser Engine - Flexible configuration of users and groups, as well as their access rights
  • Video/Audio - Quick and simple system that allows to insert multimedia content in articles
  • Performance - It provides maximum performance with minimal server load
  • Personal Messages - System of personal message exchange between users
  • Advertising Materials Management- Advertising materials management system for your website
  • Comments - Powerful and convenient comments system for articles
  • Mailings - The system of sending messages and notifications to users of your website
  • Flexible settings - Engine features settings system allows you to optimize the engine to fit your needs
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Please leave your opinion about this CMS, the prediction and criticism is welcomed.

Thank you for attention.
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