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  1. Honeybadger

    Ask Me Anything Don't Submit to Wordpress Vampires

    There's a group of volunteer 'developers' who got insane amount of power at Wordpress probably retired or got no actual paid jobs they just love to break things doesnt matter if they worked before you wake up one day as an affiliate & the whole WP interface has changed these people continually...
  2. Syntetico

    Review Rate fast and easy CMS DataLife Engine.

    Hello distinguished colleagues! I want to introduce you to a simple and convenient cms DataLife Engine (DLE). About The Engine - brief description of the DLE cms. DataLife Engine is a multifunctional Content Management System. Thanks to a very powerful news, articles, and users management...
  3. scroogefrog

    What CMS do you use ?

    Hello Guys! Now I am optimazing our system so, and want to add instructions for diffrent CMS Now I have such intructions for : Opencart 2.x CMS GetSimple Airee на Joomla Wordpress DLE Drupal 6 Drupal 7 ModX Bitrix Webasyst NetCat Tell me what CMS do you use and I will add this...
  4. deftsoft

    Android Application Development Company

    Deftsoft is the top android application development company. With an experienced team of android application developers, you can create highly innovative applications to make your business reach new heights of success. Visit us now to know more.