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Questions regarding affiliate marketing from Rutgers NJ


Hello everyone.
I'm a Rutgers Psychology student who's interested in Affiliate Marketing. I've started a while ago using Google Adwords, and right now all my campaigns are paused because I'm down 28$, with practically no leads or sales.
From the interesting information I've read here, I see that it is better to research what could potentially sell, then search for an affiliate program to sell such products/services. From what I've been doing, I joined CJ and CB which was recommended by several people who were quite successful, and apparently that wasn't such a good idea. I would like to know if this is correct.
Also I've read that ebooks aren't the best place to get information on affiliate marketing (or similar).
I also read some of the things in the newbie section, and honestly I'd say it was just information overload. I can tell some of the things are definitely useful but I can't decide where to start. Any suggestions?
So basically my questions are:
1, Is it true that it is a bad idea for an inexperienced online marketeers to start with CJ or CB? (I know CB is having lots of problems)
2, Is it a good idea to start with Google Adwords?
3, Is it a better idea to start with searching potential products/services than joining an affiliate program first then trying to sell?
4, How long did it take you (whoever is reading) to start earning (say 50$ a day) and how much did you lose/invest in order to get to that point?
5, This is random but on a scale of 1 to 10 how thrilled were you when you finally hit your target?

Thanks, and I think that I will be reading things from this forum for quite a while.

Linda Buquet

You may find when you ask that many questions you won't get answers because we could write a BOOK about each question and it's just too overwhelming to try to answe them all at one time.

I only have time for one answer right now but it will address a little from Q 1 and 3.

1,"Is it true that it is a bad idea for an inexperienced online marketeers to start with CJ or CB? (I know CB is having lots of problems)"

It's a bad idea to start with a COMPETITIVE large market. One of the worst is "make money online" type ebooks which are largely on CB and which is where many affiliates start. 1st you need to focus on figuring out your niche.

Listen to the 1st podcast here about how to come up with a niche.

Then read some of the articles in the stickies in the newbie forum. Then go to the niche forum to find tools to help you brainstorm a niche and research it.

AFTER you find the right niche, then look for products and affiliate programs that compliment your niche. Then build a site and write content and start driving traffic, then add links.

There's no one size fits all RIGHT way to start, thats just a quick idea of the order of the steps. But for NEWBIES finding the right niche - a niche you know about and are excited about is KEY! If you star with get rich quick ebooks, mortgage loans or computers you'll be eaten alive, never make a dime and give up!

Better to find a smaller sub-niche to get started with so you can learn the ropes and feel some success, then build up to bigger markets after you learn the ropes.


Yep, I thought so.
I'm going to give Bum Marketing Method a try.
I should be able to find something. Many thanks for the answers.


Good question. That's kinda along the lines of:

"If you knew you were dreaming, and the dream lasted 1 month, what would you do differently"

I heard that once form someone.

Funny how we are though. Unstoppable in certain circumstances and hesitant at other times.

Last quote to share:

"Live with no regret, sing like it's your last day and dance like nobody's watching"


New Member
2, Is it a good idea to start with Google Adwords?

Hi K,

The short answer is "no" ... because there are some key concepts you need to learn before employing that avenue. Otherwise, you're just going to end up spending a lot with little to show for it.

A resource I highly recommend on this topic is Dan Theis and Stompernet Going Natural videos. Be prepared to not understand everything he says the first time through, especially if you aren't familiar with any PPC concepts and terminology yet. I guess it may not be the best first introduction to PPC/keywords/Adwords, but I wouldn't wait too long to delve into what he says because he's one of the best in that arena. He gives great tips on how to get a great bang for your Adwords buck.

Once you understand Adwords and can use it to your full advantage, however, it becomes a great tool to use because it often will take you less time to get traffic from it than other methods.