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question about landing page hosting/domain

Discussion in 'Domains and Hosting' started by dukeraj, Jun 12, 2013.

  1. dukeraj

    dukeraj Affiliate affiliate

    Hey all,

    I am really new in CPA, i am in the stage of setting up a hosting and domain for prosper202 tracking first.

    But I want to know later, if i want to create my own landing page, does it recommended to use same hosting as Prosper

    and how about domain names, buy new domain each time you create LP or you use the same domain as for my tracking ?

    Can someone really point me to right direction for this setup ? Am I missing anything ?
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  3. fenea01

    fenea01 Affiliate affiliate

    1] You can get 1 single domain and 1 hosting account.

    2] On this domain [select a common name for domain], you can create a subdomain to install Prosper202.

    3] You can create as many landing pages under this domain. You don't need to buy separate domain for each landing page. Create separate folders for your landing page.
  4. yea that's right you can use just one URL for each landing