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Good time of day
I am engaged in services in Telegram. I have been working since 2020, I am ready to work through Guarantors.
I will not tell fairy tales about all sorts of raised groups of clients, because everything can be invented and forged. It's up to you)
I perform the assigned tasks efficiently
I provide a range of services:
-Mailing by personal messages
-Invite users to your groups ( INVITE )
-Parsing - collecting a user base for your needs

For any questions, write on the forum in private messages
I’m looking for a job) or more precisely, clients who need my services

So here's the deal. Only registered (in our resources) and legitimate businesses can solicit business from our members. If you have a website offering your services and can meet our requirements, you can register your business. I've attached our requirements and registration instructions below.

As for looking for work, well that's easy. Job opportunities (seeking & offering) go in our Industry Related Employment forum. I'll move this thread there.


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