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Promotion of Affiliate Program?

Discussion in 'Affiliate Management and Recruitment' started by shirsc2, Dec 21, 2005.

  1. shirsc2

    shirsc2 New Member

    How do you go about promoting your affiliate program. In the debt field, there is so much competition out there, how do I actually find affiliates. I have gone searching on the search engines for affiliates and emailed all the ones that seem good. What are other ways to find affiliates?

    My company is not looking for lots and lots of affiliates, just a small amount who can produce quality leads. Any one have any suggestions on how to find these affiliates?
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  3. Linda Buquet

    Linda Buquet Affiliate affiliate

    Hi shirsc2,

    Yes your space is tough and very crowded. All I can give you is the same advice I always give.

    I do affiliate program PR for a living so here are some ideas. Some affiliate forums allow free or paid program announcements you just need to find the ones that do. Search for "affiliate forums" on Google. Some allow a new program announcement and others don't. I mod several affiliate forums and a couple do allow blatant new program ads. Read the rules, some you have to have a certain # of posts, one you have to pay for some don't allow even a sig, it just depends on the forum. My own 5 Star Affiliate forum is one that allows affiliate program announcements.

    Submit to #2-10 of the affiliate directories here:
    (#1 is not a directory, # 7 is me and my directory is only open to my clients.)

    Recruiting is the hardest part. Wish there was a magic bullet - I'd be selling it! :p
  4. shirsc2

    shirsc2 New Member

    Thank you for your help. I really appreciate it.
  5. my2cents

    my2cents Member

    as linda has stated you are in a very crowded space...

    having joined most of the programs that have come along in the space at one time or another... and made no money doing it... I do have a few programs in this space that work for me...

    here is my take.. you need to get active in affiliate marketing forums... especially the really big ones... do a search in g and you'll find them several have more then 10,000 members... you needto build credibility... most programs have no credibility... and the most successful affiliates are a very sinical group...

    post free and paid anouncements depending on the rules of the forum... be prepared to answer a lot of questions usually the same ones over and over again.... create a file of faq answers to save you time and adjust these as needed to personalize then as you go forward....

    best of success...

  6. d0m1n10n

    d0m1n10n New Member

    I would post via a mailing list since many people out on the internet are looking to find a way to make money online. Just make up a good article and sugar coat it and send it out to your mailing list. If you dont already have a mailing list check my sig and you can have a huge amount of people to send it to. This is also great for testing your advertisments and fine tuning them.
  7. my2cents

    my2cents Member

    dont do what was suggested by d0m1n10n ... you will be flamed... or worse...

    at the very least you will have wasted your hard earned money... the only list that are worth yor time are list you build and cultivate... over time... all other lists are worthless to you...

    any list that is "rented" is over exposed and over used...

    I never share my lists with anyone... only i send to them... my readers trust me... and I would never do anything to violate that trust...

  8. hititbig1

    hititbig1 Affiliate affiliate

    I'm with Joe.

    I have a list of about 700 and I very rarely even email them. Maybe once or twice a month. That's really all it takes. They get sick of hearing crap in autoresponders and such. If you abuse your list, you won't have a list! I get opt ins from several sources, Cherish Your Personal Unique List!
  9. permarketingdotcom

    permarketingdotcom New Member

    Going to affiliate marketing events is always good. Let people on the forums know you are going in advance and arrange to meet up with them :)
  10. Eminem

    Eminem Affiliate affiliate

    I haven't started any thing in the affiliate market yet...However, if I would start, I would usually goto webmaster forums and post about the stuff I am selling in the relevant section (Helps ALOT) and also some sites like PostYourAdForFree.Com where you can post ads for free ;)
  11. permarketingdotcom

    permarketingdotcom New Member

    Thanks, I am not that keen on sites like that.
  12. beepbeeper

    beepbeeper Affiliate affiliate

    Promoting Your Affilate Url

    Hello Shirsc2;

    In my personal affiliate endeavors I have found that exposure is the most important element in getting sales. In a business such as yours where there really is so much competetion it becomes a matter of numbers in the end.

    Of course your knowledge, professionalism and sales letters need to be at the foundation of your campaigns but the key is getting traffic to your url. The more unique traffic you have the more potential customers are there for you to influence into signing up with your service.

    Here are just a few suggestions:

    Forums and Message Boards - (as mentioned above be sure they are friendly to self promotion) Also be sure to always include your url in you profile and/or signature. Although be careful with the signature url this too can often be seen as spam. Get involved in the boards, there a lot of us out there with valuable information to share on a one on one basis!

    A signature file on all of your e-mail addresses
    - this takes a second to set up in most e-mail clients and is a passive way to promote your services to people that otherwise might get annoyed with your attempts. I always say if you are involved in an endeavor you do not feel comfortable telling your friends and family about then perhaps you should trust those gut feelings about the the product/service you are promoting.

    Google, Yahoo and other Groups - Excellent places to get some exposure although be very very careful. If you post even in once on the wrong board they will report you and shut you down. I always read very carefully the rules on the groups I subscribe to. Look at other posts to the board and see if yours will fit in. If you are still in doubt, just contact the moderator, that is what they are there for.

    Traffic Exchange Programs
    - Yes there is a little effort to setting these up and getting them to work for you but the pay off in the end is worth the time investment. Try to located the top 10 through search engines on the internet and stick to these. Follow everything they tell you to do on their sites and you will have traffic.

    A few more suggestions.

    Viral Marketing - Works like a chain letter for your URL
    Credit Based Safelist - More exposure than regular safelists.
    Link Exchanges - Atrracts targeted traffic.
    Free Websites - These Urls will show up and stand out in Search Engines
    Informative Blog -Personal opinion of service and advantages.
    Search Engine Optimization/Ranking Systems - Best source of quality traffic
    Tool Bar Advertising (careful of spyware and adware) - Numbers game again.

    Hope I was able to help!
  13. Forum Posting

    I think there are two things that are extremely important if you are posting in forums.

    1.) People do not appreciate pointless Spam. Most people in the forum can tell when you are simply posting just to have a signature present in the forum or posting to promote your own program. People within the forums will not look at you as a quality source of information unless you have something useful to offer. Of course if your own program will help the person, you can always private message or email them.

    2.) Be sure to see that the forum is being monitored for content. You would not want your site that focused on childcare in the middle of a forum filled with pornography. More than likely you are not going to find what you are looking for in a forum like that. Find forums that help you learn the best for your individual program.

    Do a basic search on google for "affiliate forums" or "webmaster forums" I like this forum but it never hurts to get more information from multiple sources.

    Best of luck!