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Promoting Affiliate Links!

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by vividlion, Aug 30, 2013.

  1. vividlion

    vividlion Affiliate affiliate

    Hello to all affiliate marketers!

    I just wanted to start a thread of what are your favourite methods for promoting affiliate links, I thought it would be useful for the STF community to see people's insights,

    My favourite method is creating a quick blog with any custom theme that sells to visitors, then prepping all the backlinks!

    one creative way I love to do is go around Q&A sites and posting a link related to the question. (careful though if you do spam they will ban you!)
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  3. Trista

    Trista Affiliate affiliate

    I promote affiliate links mainly through blogging. I find that rather than banner ads or display ads, I get much better response with affiliate links as text links within the posts. This works particularly well with Amazon; if I am mentioning a book or book author, for example. In other instances I might write a review of a product or service and include the link -- with the proper disclaimer, of course, per FTC regulations.
  4. vividlion

    vividlion Affiliate affiliate

    excellent insight Trista,

    I think it's very smart aswell because if it's through blogging and content that is related to the niche, the person who is reading that blog is already interested in your niche.

    another good way is uploading a how-to style video on youtube. Then writing a article accompanying this video and submit it to major article submission directories. Having a video presentation has shown to increase clicks/conversions by 62% which is absolutely vital for affiliate links if you want to stand out!
  5. atomic76

    atomic76 Affiliate affiliate

    Google doesn't seem to be as strict with policing it's Youtube videos for stuff that would typically get you banned from a Q&A site. Plus there is a lot of potential for volume on sites like Youtube as well. I would spends some time doing some keyword research around your niche to find out what the best keyword phrases are to use in the title of your videos though.
  6. NicheGuy

    NicheGuy Affiliate affiliate

    I practice content marketing and my primary traffic is from search engines. This takes some time and remember, it's all about original content and adding value to your visitors experience.

    If your writing reviews than provide good content, images, videos, specification tables to products and don't forget to add good captions to your images to further engage visitors.

    Don't overstuff your posts and pages with ads. I blend in ads carefully. One in the top header, a block ad or 125x125 rotating ads in the upper right side bar, and two links within my content associated with the product I'm reviewing.

    I'm an eBay affiliate (ePN) so I create a sidebar rotating widget that matches my category and blends in nicely into my sidebar. At the very bottom of each review, using the phpBay app/plugin is offer 4 products matching my review.

    It may sound like I have too much going on but with content, images, a video the post is long, the content links aren't too intrusive and while a visitor scrolls down they may notice sidebar ads and at the bottom I give them a nice offering of products.

    My link building and promotion is via my long-tail keywords and fresh, up-to-date content. I have a choice, keep fresh content going or spend too much time posting elsewhere in hopes of getting a visitor. I earn my inbound links and visitors come to my site because my keywords and content give them what their searching for. If you give them what they're looking for then you've promoted your site well from the inside out and will get clicks to products and earn income.
  7. smoothmarketer

    smoothmarketer Affiliate affiliate

    My favorite way of promoting my affiliate links is through social media sites. I've found much success on Facebook. Linkedin and Twitter. You'd be amazed by how people are actually interested in this kind of stuff besides just tweeting and updating their status'. And best of all, it's free to promote on social media.
  8. mkcookin

    mkcookin Affiliate affiliate

    I promote my affiliate links through list building.

    I set up a squeeze page then drive all my traffic to that site. From there I capture my visitors email addresses and market products to them in my follow up messages.