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I am now taking offers from a person who wants to promote his/her website. I will use a software known as Internet Business Promoter to make a sheet with the information you will need to make your site in Google's top 10! It compares one of your competiting (successful) sites with yours and will analyze the difference in MANY stuff one being Meta Tags, Page Title, Image alt and MORE!

I am willing to do this for free :) I'll take one request at a time. So if anyone is interested please PM me with your Site URL, Competiting site's URL...I will let you know if I need anything more. You can expect the report to be ready within a day if I don't have anything to do :)

If you like the sheet and see changes in your site traffic or PR and if you want to donate...You can happily to do so :) My Paypal is: :)

Thanks ;)