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Problems with page rank in Google despite new quality content

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimisation' started by Lucie, Dec 8, 2009.

  1. Lucie

    Lucie Affiliate affiliate

    Hopefully someone may be able to help me. I work for a soccer coaching website (Better Soccer Coaching.com) and we have been actively adding free coaching drills and advice on our site since July 2009 we have increased the pages ranked by google from around 600 before June to over 3500 pages to date. However we have not increased our organic ranking in google.

    We have added valuable content, related to the keywords, added the keyword where relevant to the text, title and included in image tags and alt tags on the site.

    Another site (footy4kids.co.uk)only has 600 pages of content is ranked a lot higher (top 10)?

    I was wondering why we haven't seen any results yet? Are we doing something wrong?

  2. terraleads
  3. Lucie

    Lucie Affiliate affiliate

    The content we have added is mainly text based approx 400-500 words per article with diagrams to graphically explain what is being discussed. Each article contains exercises and drills on how to run a soccer coaching session, including how to set up the drill/session, what to call out and how to extend the session to get the most out the players.

    The text includes the keyword 'soccer drill' to describe the type of conetnt being added and the type of skill being coached
    e.g. title= Passing and receiving soccer drill
    e.g. Intro/H1 tag= A soccer drill working on constant passing, which uses match-like situations and a bit of competition to give it an edge, is a brilliant way to coach your players to be ready for soccer matches.

    The article will then take the coach step by step through the session.

    The keyword (soccer drill) will appear approx 4 times during the text where relevant. The file name of the diagram image also contains 'soccer drill' and the alt tag description the image and will also contain the text 'soccer drill'.

    However we have not made any process in the page rank for the term 'soccer drill'. We get a lot of positive feedback from members of our newsletter (where our soccer drill content originates so we know the content is useful to the soccer community).

    However our articles are added and tagged using dynamic keywords from our database, making automatic breadcrumbs
    eg. Better Soccer Coaching|Article-196-57-Skills--Drills-Passing-Passing-and-receiving-soccer-drill-

    Could this be a problem for Google?
  4. Lucie

    Lucie Affiliate affiliate

    I think part of the problem may be the lack of inbound links to our site, which i am working on at the moment.

    The breadcrumbs below shows how the database constructs our URL after we insert an article, it adds the article number then a particular keyword number, in the article below the article added was 196 in the list and the keyword added 'soccer drills and skills' is keyword 57 in the list. The database then adds all or part of the article title to the end of the URL. Could the numbers be confusing Google?

    eg. Better Soccer Coaching|Article-196-57-Skills--Drills-Passing-Passing-and-receiving-soccer-drill-

    Good point about the UK terms, we are targeting an international audience i will check our articles for other British phases that may have leaked in!
  5. bw1

    bw1 Affiliate affiliate

    Build back links - That will be the best way. Try write articles for article sites and submit to more than one. Submit original articles to all of them and make sure they a properly linked back to specific pages on your website.

    ie if the article you submit is about passing link it to a page you have on passing. Submit different articles to a few article sites on the same topic.
    Anchor your keyword properly.

    Also submit your site to high PR directories, forget about all the mom and pops websites only link to sites with higher PR than you.
  6. Peter Clarke

    Peter Clarke Affiliate affiliate

    I agree, backlinks is the answer. Google Bots are not intelligent, if you want Google to rank your page for a specific keyword, you need to give the bots a hint. A backlink withte anchor text being the keyword you are targetting will do the job. Also, check your page content to make sure your keyword is the dominant keyword on the page.
  7. airforce1

    airforce1 Affiliate affiliate

    Hi, lucie

    Right, fresh and original contents are loved by Google and other search engines but it would not definitely lead to a good SERP. Also, links from other sites would be more helpful than on site inner links. :)

    Have a nice day,
  8. seowebsitetraffic

    seowebsitetraffic Affiliate affiliate

    Google Page Rank

    Page Rank

    Google Page rank is based on back links. Back links are Links pointing to your website from another website. The more back links you have the higher your PR will be.

    To increase back links you must work on

    1. Forum Posting
    2. Submit to search engine directories
    3. Creating and publishing articles - By Article you can also Generate Traffic
    4. Links from related websites(One-way, Two-way and Three-way)
    5. Web 2.0
    6. Blog commenting

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