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Problem with Click Bank


I am using Click Bank programes. But i still not able to earn singel panny.
Is there any way to use click bank products or program without spending any money on google ads or any other website. Because currently i don't have much money to spend more. The reason i join click bank to earn money but not able to generat income :mad:

Can any one tell me how can i enjoy with click bank.



New Member
It seems your thinking is the wrong way round? so let?s start at the beginning.

? What have you done to promote these products?
? Have built a list and if so are the products you promoting relevant to their interests?
? What is your current marketing plan?
? What kind of sales pitch are you using?​
But most importantly, which product are you promoting and what did you base your decision on when promoting these products?


Listen to Justin.

Your question is very general.

If I had no money and I wanted to promote a click bank product, I would probably look for a free email script list and use relevant forums, email lists and myspace to get people to sign up to it. Then write some great information for them and slip in the occasionaly CB affiliate offer.

Luckily, I have a marketing budget so I don't have to do that! ;)