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Pro Flyer Tips - *Making more CA$H out of a person*

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by Top Broski, Jan 10, 2012.

  1. Top Broski

    Top Broski Banned

    So you guys have probably heard of the typical, make a flyer that informs people about something (generally a CPA offer), and then spread them around.

    That's great and all and can make you some nice cash.

    But here's my tips to make your next visit around town more profitable. It focuses on targeting and providing more to the people that receive your flyer.

    1) Don't rely on one offer

    People are different, you need to cater to more interests and stop focusing on something. Why only give the link to a free SubWay gift card? What if I don't like SubWay?

    2) Sell the offers

    When I sell, I mean act as if you were trying to sell something. People want to know how something is going to benefit them, before they go out of their way to spend a little time or money.

    To do this, I recommend creating a site (even a free blogspot/wordpress works too), that explains what the offers are and categorizes them to what they like (they can pick what they want to "buy").

    3) Notice who you're giving your flyer to

    If I'm in a parking lot with a lot of food chains around then I'm going to be targeting people that like to eat out. If you can't make a site like I mentioned above, then use multiple offers on the flyer. People might want to eat out at all the places that your flyer mentions and they could possibly fill out all of the offers!

    * Try to make sure your offers are from different advertisers, if you're going to be promoting e-mail submits then the advertiser isn't going to really benefit receiving the same information from someone.

    If you're in a grocery store parking lot then by god there are soooo many coupon offers you can promote! I've found this, along with promoting penny auction sites (saying that it could be a part time job), is ridiculously profitable.


    4) Credibility

    Do you think the average shopper is going to believe some site is going to hand them out a $1000 gift card to Olive Garden? You have to make your flyer believable.

    Rather than, "Get a $1000 gift card" try "Get your next meal for free!"

    Or "Learn how Mom makes $90 an hour!" try "Moms are making some money off of their computer!"

    If you're going to get people to pay for a trial to a product, or submit a credit card number on an offer, then this is key. It sounds too good to be true if I read that a Mom is making a ton of money out of no where.


    So that's all I have to say really. All of these can help make you more money. If you haven't tried to using offline methods to promote CPA offers then I suggest you do. Pretty good cash out there.
  2. Voluum
  3. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    Some nice points here man thanks.
  4. sayso

    sayso Affiliate affiliate

    great idea. More offers on a flyer hitting different people wanting different things at the time they see it. How many offers are you putting?
    don't want to overwhelm them.
    3? 5?
  5. Top Broski

    Top Broski Banned

    I like to stick with 3, but when I hit the grocery store I'll use up to 5 at most. I even put a mini "rating" next to them (so it looks professional). Like "4.5/5, site is easy to join"
  6. kaniganj

    kaniganj Affiliate affiliate

    The first thing I thought when I read the thread's title was, "You're gonna have to give them more than one offer."

    What about targeting the offers for your audience? If you're handing out fliers or cards at a sports event, have your offers be sports-related. Or for things they can do directly after the sports game (like go eat and/or have a beer)!

    And then you can have your copy direct your reader into a natural course of action. After all, it's pretty easy to talk someone into sitting down for a cold one after the game, isn't it?
  7. Offersrevenue

    Offersrevenue Affiliate affiliate

    Targeting definantly the way to go -- no point handing out flyer about babies to people at a bar etc