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Announcement PR: Avazu as Top 5 Smaato DSP for Two Consecutive Quarters

Discussion in 'Business Centre' started by LukasAvazu, Jun 5, 2015.

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    Hello everyone,

    here is a recent press release about my company, which I would like to share with you.
    Please contact me if you have any questions or suggestions [​IMG]

    I would be happy to welcome you on our platform and guide you through it!
    Please visit mdsp.avazutracking.net for more information.

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    Avazu a Top 5 Smaato APAC DSP for Two Consecutive Quarters

    New figures reveal that Avazu, a leading Asia Pacific demand-side platform, achieved a Top 5 DSP revenue ranking with Smaato, the leading global mobile RTB ad exchange, in both Q4 2014 and Q1 2015. The rankings are based on all APAC-based DSP daily revenue in each quarter.

    Avazu Mobile DSP (Avazu mDSP) is committed to programmatic solutions for precise marketing across the globe. It was officially launched in July 2014 and is now integrated with up to 20 global ad exchanges, including Smaato, covering global premium inventories.

    As a 100% self-service platform that offers 100% transparency on global mobile advertising inventory and RTB integration, Avazu mDSP empowers leading brands and advertisers by providing access to over 26 billion impressions every day.

    “Smaato has been an important partner with Avazu for years, and we are excited to keep moving and stay ahead,” said Eva Huang, Head of Avazu Mobile DSP. “Avazu’s willingness to listen and support clients’ needs, coupled with other quality products, make it a great partner for 1,000 followers.”

    In October 2009, Avazu started its trading on the first global ad exchange Right Media, while also having seats on both AppNexus and Google Adx. In 2010, Avazu launched the very first online advertising platform in Asia, Avazu DSP, and began its integrated partnership with Smaato. In 2012, Avazu pivoted to mobile internet, and after two years of development, Avazu Mobile DSP (mDSP) was officially launched globally in July 2014.

    As a late starter, Avazu has nonetheless shown its capacity to overtaking competitors. Through advanced machine learning on CTR/CR prediction and fraud detection, brands and advertisers are able to gain a higher ROI. Within one year, Avazu’s exclusive targeting features target the most quality mobile traffic, and the company’s smart optimization method helps create compelling value for both advertisers and their target consumers.

    “It’s clear that Avazu is on the fast-track to becoming one of the top DSPs in APAC,” said Ragnar Kruse, CEO of Smaato. “We anticipate that Smaato’s new video and native publisher inventory will provide yet another avenue for Avazu to ramp up their revenue.”
    Avazu provides advertisers and agencies with more tools such as 3rd party creative upload, Beacon URL, real-time report, self-payment, 3rd party tracking, and more. Beyond global app/mobile game promotion, Avazu’s white label feature enables customized agency landing pages that help build an agency’s brand image.

    About Avazu
    As a global cross-device performance advertising company, Avazu offers a suite of integrated solutions ranging from brand lift, revenue growth to app distribution & monetisation to global brands, agencies, publishers and App developers by in-house developed products and services, Avazu Private Exchange, Avazu Mobile DSP, Native Advertising aNative and global Media Buying Services.

    Leveraging on the company's sustainable growth (with CAGR over 700%), Avazu completed a round of $48 million financing in 2014 from leading investment organizations. In 2015, Avazu signed Google AdWords Primer SBM Partner and merged with the publicly traded company Dalian Zeus Entertainment co. ltd in China A-Shares Market.
    With offices in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Berlin, Amsterdam and L.A (and counting), Avazu is collaborating with over 500 of the largest international advertising clients.

    About Smaato
    Smaato is the leading independent global mobile Real-Time Bidding (RTB) ad exchange and Supply Side Platform (SSP). More than 80,000 mobile publishers use Smaato's platform to monetize their mobile inventory around the world. The Smaato Exchange (SMX) is globally connected to 390+ Demand Partners. Smaato delivers more than 150 billion ad impressions per month, including campaigns from 91 of the Top 100 AdAge brands.

    A privately held company founded in 2005, Smaato is headquartered in San Francisco, California, with offices in Hamburg, Germany, as well as Singapore and New York.
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