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PPC network overview

Discussion in 'Pay Per Click' started by swecoder, Aug 19, 2014.

  1. swecoder

    swecoder Affiliate affiliate

    As a relative newbie, I'm lacking a good overview of which PPC-networks that would work for me. I'm considering putting together a spreadsheet with the following information:

    Network - Obviously name
    URL - Link to the network
    Price range - From 1 - 5, where 1 is the cheapest. Like, Facebook is incredibly customizable but could cost a bit, whereas you can get quite a few clicks for the same budget at 7Search
    Flexibility - From 1-5 again. How much can you narrow down your audience? Geography, Age, Sex, Interests etc
    Allows blacklisting - Yes / No (can I blacklist domains etc)
    Minimum Deposit - How much do I have to deposit to get started?
    Volume: 1-5 again, how much traffic could one expect


    Network: Facebook
    URL: https://www.facebook.com/advertising
    Price Range: 4
    Flexibility: 5
    Allows blacklisting: No idea
    Minimum deposit: No idea
    Volume: 5
    Now, my example above may not be correct, but I've never done any PPC advertising outside Adwords and 7Search, which is why I'm asking here. I would love for this to become a reference thread for all PPC-networks based on everyone's experience here. So if people could start writing posts, I will update here.

    Some networks to get started:

    Facebook, Adwords, Bing, 7Search, ZeroPark
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  2. terraleads
  3. swecoder

    swecoder Affiliate affiliate

    So i started the spreadsheet but as you can see I'm not overly experienced in networks, but maybe you get the "gist" of it? The entire idea here is to crowdsource the knowledge rather than just one person trying to figure it out, so please help me out :).

  4. swecoder

    swecoder Affiliate affiliate

    FWIW, interesting infographic from 2013

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  5. mennowijnen

    mennowijnen Affiliate affiliate


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