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Posters saying one thing and doing another??


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I'm pretty new to this board, and already find it very valuable, but there's something thats been bothering me:

On all the threads where I read how questionable/scammy/ineffective all the "Get Rich Quick" and "Keys To Millions" ebooks & systems are, and that promoting them is a waste of time and money, it seems that almost every other poster has a sig linked to one of these offers!

Which is it, "Do as I say", or "Do as I do"...?



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Michael, as Linda said most of the people you see doing those promotions are rather new. I don't think you are going to see many very experienced people doing it.

There are times you might see newbies giving advice to newbies.

There is so much of this get rich quick stuff being promoted that causes way too many people to believe that it works. As a result they start promoting it expecting to make a fortune. In reality most of them aren't making much of anything in that very crowded field.


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Hi Michael,

We do have lots of n00bs that in spite of our advice promote get rich quick type stuff.

Thanks for that, Linda; just seems as if many of those, if not most, have their sigs linked to one of "those" offers. It almost feels like "Yeah, stay away, bad, bad, bad... but click on this one so I can get my commission".

FWIW, I was attracted to this forum primarily as it seemed one of the few places that weren't just dressed-up affiliate link sites.

I will say that every post of yours that I have read has been terrific, and there does seem to be great stuff here.

Just that I see those posts and think, maybe those really are the way to go. Promoting them, that is, not buying them....!


Linda Buquet

Realize too that since this forum is filled with webmasters, newbies and wanna be Internet marketers - it probably looks to many n00bs like they could make a killing selling how to get rich quick (GRQ) schemes to all the other n00bs who want to learn to how to get rich - QUICK!

Thing is most newbies don't have money to spend OR have already fallen for too many get rich schemes and are outa $.

The mid - pro level people on this forum are "link blind" to those types of sigs and can smell GRQ a mile away and avoid it!


Linda's got a good point, most people who've been in the business for a while have become immune to those sigs/adverts. So, to answer your original question, do as they do, not as they say LOL. Or, actually, find someone who is already experienced at what you're trying to do and follow him. :D

~ Teli