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Review Popular adult ad campaigns in summer: dating, nutra, adult gaming.

Discussion in 'Adult Marketing' started by Spyteg, Aug 10, 2020.

  1. Spyteg

    Spyteg Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    Hi, affiliates!

    We made a special research in adult advertising for all summer! Do you want to know what offers was the most popular, which traffic sources, what creatives was the hottest?

    Let’s analysis details.

    Advertising type: Native
    Verticals: dating, nutra (products for men's health), adult gaming
    Geo: USA, Canada, Russian, Poland, Spain, UK, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy

    The most popular traffic sources still Exoclick, TrafficStarts, TrafficFactory

    Here is popular ad text for promoting dating offers:

    1. Over 30 And Looking For a Fun Night in Pictou?

    2. Feeling alone? Try this chat!

    3. Best online-chat to find a girl

    4. Hey sweetie! Wanna chat?

    5. Hot Girls Available Now!


      Also, we analysis ads, which promote nutra (products for men's health) and here one of the most popular ad text, which get more than 8k impressions:
      1. Use this product and get 7 cm bigger in a week!

      2. Do THESE exercises once a day, and your cock will GROW by 3-5cm!

      3. +7cm longer in 2 weeks!

      4. After this product any girl dream of sex with you... +10cm in 2 weeks!

      5. Experts Can't Explain Why This 30-Secs Ritual Increases Penis Size By 67% This Little Secret Adds 4" To Your Dick In Just 2 Weeks

      Here is popular ad text for promoting adult games offers:
      1. A Game Where Everything Is Allowed!

      2. Make Sure You're Alone Before Clicking Here

      3. Realistic Game For Men

      4. The most brutal adult games

      5. Warning! Play the Most Addictive Adult Game! #1 Rated Adult Game!

      Affiliate marketers choose ads mostly with girls. The appearance of the girls depends on interest of the targeted audience. It's priority because user compare yourself with people in picture.

      Take this 26 ideas of creatives for promote dating offers with 14.1k impressions. You can free download here.

      As you know, some features can’t find just with manual spying. Welcome to Spyteg! Enjoy your time with fast search and analysis adult advertising.

      Spyteg help to track competitors advertising and fast find out which offers and landing pages they are promote, where it launched,how many days, what devices, geo etc.

      We wish you successful winning combinations!
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  2. AdCombo
  3. trackwill

    trackwill Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    Thanks for your research! I think, a lot of affiliates will find this useful :)
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  4. SuryaJ

    SuryaJ Traffic Manager Traffic Manager affiliate

    Appriciate this thread!
    Would like to add one more name in your traffic source list - Ezmob
    We got great adult traffic for Native as well as other ad-formats
    (Adult Dating, Male Enhancement, Live Cams, Sex Toys)
  5. thisisnorman

    thisisnorman Affiliate affiliate

    hey mate the download link is not working, can you check it out please!