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PopShops - Hot Datafeed Store Builder

Linda Buquet

They used to call me the datafeed Queen. I've been meaning to blog about PopShops, a new easy datafeed solution, but forgot - <em>so they are taking my title away</em>! ;-)

<strong><a target="_new" href="">Popshops</a></strong> is a cool new solution for building affiliate datafeed sites thats FREE and so easy your Grandma could do it. With PopShops there are currently 457 ton of merchant datafeeds you can pull from - as of today from the CJ, Linkshare and Sharesale networks. All you need to do is sign-up, add your affiliate id and thousands of product links will be carrying your cookie. <strong>Hot tip:</strong> If you are a newer affiliate or don't qualify to pull a free CJ feed yet, this is an easy way to get the feed.

Unlike other affiliate datafeed solutions, such as the <a target="_new" href="">IPC (Instant Page Creator)</a> which is free, but only available for select PartnerCentric affiliate programs and Golden Can which takes your 4th click as payment. With PopShops the 1st 10 product showcases are no charge and then there are paid options that can take you further. <a target="_new" href="">For a tiny little $5 a month</a> you can have unlimited showcases - that's a no-brainer.

Take the <strong><a target="_new" href="">PopShops tour</a></strong> and see how easy it is. Then sign up for free and take it for a spin.

Shawn blogged about it today reminding me that I wanted to let you guys know about this.
Here's <a target="_new" href="">his review</a> if you want additional info. Thanks Shawn!

<strong>Note: If you want an even easier option with over 2,000 merchants, no individual affiliate programs to sign up for and built in shopping options so traffic can browse over 2 million products right on your site - Check out <a target="_new" href="">Tumri - The Ultimate Online Marketing Widget</a></strong>.


So, I'm really considering using PopShops for some of my websites. I don't qualify yet for the CJ feeds, so this seems like a nice solution. However, I feel slightly uncomfortable leaving the functionality of my stores in the hands of a third party. Do you think this is a valid concern? I have decent programming skills, so I might just try to work with just the ShareASale feeds and create my own solution if there are any potential reliability issues. Anyone else have further experience with this solution?

Linda Buquet

PopShops is great and run by well respected industry people.
So you don't need to worry about integrity or commitment.

However whenever you use a 3rd party script you do risk downtime
or broken links or other problems. (Even CJ goes down sometimes though) On the other hand you also face those risks with each direct merchant feed. So it seems to me if you can work with one service that makes things easier and faster - it's a plus.