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POP Traffic

Discussion in 'General Internet Marketing' started by RamyAdcombo, Mar 15, 2018.

  1. RamyAdcombo

    RamyAdcombo Affiliate affiliate

    POP traffic for mobiles

    Popup is basically an Ad that "POPS UP" or Opens Up when a user visits a page and different tab opens up with an Ad, or you are simply redirected to another Link under the same tab. This type of Ads have been around for some time, while Pop under traffic works the same, the difference is that the Ad page loads underneath the current page being visited, so most of the time users don't see the Ad until they close their page.
    There are a variety of traffic that can be more efficient , such as Native, Social, Email and others but we can get into that another time. If you have a tight budget and are just getting started, then its not a bad idea to work with this type of traffic.

    Advantages of POP traffic:

    Minimum deposits are relatively low
    Traffic is cheaper than other sources
    Its simple to get started and has lots of offers and traffic
    Pick a source, setup your postback (adsbridge or voluum are quite easy to set), have a chat with your Affiliate Manager, get insight the top offers, choose the one your wish to campaign on, select your landing page (that is another advantage to Mobile offers, you don't need to create a banner) and your are ready to go.

    Can have low-quality traffic
    High competition due to large numbers of advertisers
    We recommend you use these sources when working with pop traffic; ProppellerAds,
    Adcash, Zeropack, popads, pop cash, propeller

    Here are some offers you can run that suit Mobile Traffic using Pop Ads

    Health and Beauty
    Bust-full - IN
    Motion Free - NL, BE
    Goji cream - ES

    iPhone X vs iPhone 8 CPL - GR - Incent
    Tesco – PIN - IE - Nonincent
    MOBISTOS - IPHONEX - (All Devices) - RESPONSIVE default - HU - Nonincent

    D Divirteteligando -adult -dating -mobile - CL - Nonincent
    D Onlinedatingindia -dating -adaptive -mainstream -NON SMART - IN Nonincent
    Solteraspanama -dating -adaptive -mainstream - PA - Nonincent
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  2. AdCombo
  3. Graybeard

    Graybeard Well-Known Member affiliate

    What do you mean -- you will only pay when the pop ads work (as in converts somehow) <<< good luck with that :D That said, I found one customer that spent $10K over time on a popunder 1:100 million maybe :p

    Ask Me Anything - Testing Advertising Networks this applies to my *offer* an adult webcam site (WL) that is on the expensive side but anyone interested in working with pops should look at the overall numbers.