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Seeking Help Pop ads - campaigns - I'm looking for a mentor


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Hi. Does it make sense to buy traffic on popads in the form of popunders?
I did a few test campaigns but the effect was negligible.
I was promoting CPL offers from affiliate programs for a specific country. These were dating and regular offers. I chose popads because it has a low deposit rate.
Please recommend a website where you can easily create a popup ad so that it can later be used in popups.
Please recommend an affiliate network that specializes in these topics.
I'm looking for a mentor who will help me launch several campaigns
Well, you're asking some very generic questions here.

Pops are old school and I have not seen them work well when I have used them on desktops in the recent years --OG Good luck with them ;)
It's best to keep testing and learning on your own. Trust me, this is the best way to improve. I advise you browse this forum(it has many valuable resources) to get an idea of what people are doing and do your own thing. Keep us updated!